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    Ubisoft hello,
    I am so mad at you right now!! can t you make old ac game to support windows ten!!! I bought the game and I didn't know that's its don't support windows 10!!!!!!
    Come on ubi, even far cry 1 support windows 10!! PLEASE JUST LISTEN TO US, DONT ME LIKE COD THAT DONT LISTEN TO THIERE FANS!!
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    Hi, Welcome to the forums.

    What game are you talking about? I assume you can also run it in compatibility mode so it will run on windows 10.

    EDIT: If you mean the first Assassin's Creed game from 2007 well, windows 10 didn't exist then so game developers cannot be responsible for making a game to run on an operating system that will be made in the future. you could complain to Microsoft for making an operating system that is not compatible with older programs and games

    But anyway, if you are talking about AC1 then the very first time I typed ....Assassin's creed work on windows 10 ... A youtube video showed it running on windows 10.

    It will always help if you say what game you are talking about.
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    I don't understand what you're talking about P3lmeni...
    I just started up Assassin's Creed (the very first game) on Windows 10 Professional and it's working perfectly. Initially I did have an issue with the dX10 version crashing when doing leap of faith (Altaïr would bounce off of the hay stacks and die), but I found a post on this forum that helped fix the issue so now the game is working perfectly.

    Try the tip suggested in this post:
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