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    Police chase

    I bought watch dogs 2 for PS 4 yesterday and I started playing it. I was so excited about the game, everything was beautiful colors where great character movement is great just happy about the whole game in the beggining. As i continued story missions i came to the mussion where you have to steal cyber car. I died few time, not that that matters, but the biggest problem was when i went from the cargo truck and the police started to chase me, around three cars and a helicopter. My main problem is that as I started to get away one police car from nowhere appeared in front of me on the map, i turned i some alley and continued to escape, after few seconds another car appeared. I think you can see where i am going with this. Police chase was not exciting but it was dull and boring and worst thing, frustrating. I don't kniw if this will happen in future or if it was just for this specific mission but if it is for every police occurance please look at this thread and fix something about that.
    Stay awesome, your loyal customer.
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    Hi Smrkljica and welcome to the forums!

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the game! Though sorry to hear you're frustrated with that piece of the gameplay. Let us know if you feel that continues in other missions that you complete and if it appears to be an ongoing problem. Thanks!
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    Last night a friend and I were playing co-op and spent a good 30min in a single police chase trying to get away. Like the OP stated, police would suddenly spawn out in front of you coming at you, I would try to quickly turn a corner just to have another police officer spawn in at the next intersection. We would get radio transmissions that they were breaking off and lost us, just to get spotted again as they spawned up ahead of us yet again. The police chase eventually ended when we just gave up on trying to escape and let them kill us.
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    Hive Mind is the absolute worst thing implemented in any game. One person sees you and here comes everyone raining down on your exact location. On top of that they know EXACTLY where you drive to and hide. No matter how much distance you think you have and if you hide in a good spot you'll see enemies pop up on your GPS and search wherever you're hiding. Games nowadays should never have that type of A.I anymore. Hopefully it won't be in any future games.
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    I have had the exact same experience playing single player and with a friend in coop. The never ending police spawns in front of you are ridiculous. Get in a fast car and travel down one of the highway / freeways and lose any cars behind you and you will have police cars perpetually spawning in out of nowhere in front of you driving in the OPPOSITE direction of traffic flow just to kamakaze ram you. It's un-inspired and just not fun.

    Watch dogs 2 has a lot less bollards and steam pipes than watch dogs 1 and traffic lights don't really seem to be that useful in watch dogs 2 due to the decreased traffic density. Therefor, the only real option is to constantly hack police cars and drive them forwards of backwards. It literally becomes an exercise in 'whack a mole' and frustration.

    I have also noticed that generally, watch dogs 2 has a lot less underground carparks and garages and things to hide in and lay low or get out of your car and change car. You never really feel rewarded for stealthily escaping a police chase. I'd really love to see the police AI improved but even just removing spawns from in front of you would be a big improvement. The game is a lot of fun but police chases are one of the worst gameplay mechanics in this game, in my opinion.
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    It took me a while to learn but eventually you learn what types of areas they can NOT spawn in, then use them to always evade. One such example is some of the parks have no police spawn points so if you literally just drive in circles on bike paths in parks you lose them, even at 5 wanted level. the only thing you have to deal with in no spawn zones is hacking the chopper away. Now if you don't have the skill to get rid of chopper then the game makes losing wanted 3+ really just too hard. Unless you find a nice parking garage to ditch chopper it's pretty hard to get rid of without hack skill.

    I do think they could stand to tone down on the hive mind spawns though at least a little. I think it just needs an internal cooldown of 30 seconds or even 60 seconds. Like they should still have a risk of spawning in front of you but after doing so the game starts an internal clock before it can happen again. Because there are times it can literally just chain happen and you end up with an entire army from nothing in like a minute.

    Honestly same thing needs to happen with reinforcement phone calls too. That can get out of hand too. police spawns/reinforcements need an internal cooldown. 30/60 and this game will be so much better.
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    i find just diving in the water and swimming under a bridge works quite well lol worked in the first one and now in wd2 lol.

    yes though the police ai needs some work ive been spotted through a wall an entire house with no chopper up and from a police car the opposite side of the block with no site line lol
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    Use your skills and also avoid heading straight for more than 1 block (or 2 but try to avoid). Make many turns,if they are many cars stop just for a bit so some of them will go out of cars and use boost.

    For heli try to unlock the specific skill..

    There are many ways to escape, just needs practice + experience (and some times luck I guess).
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    Great part of the game but not as easy as WD1. No bridges to raise like in Chicago so that makes it more difficult also the Steam Pipes, Traffic Lights etc are a lot more difficult to hit. Has taken me a while to get these timed correctly.
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    Police interference ruins game mode

    I'm referring to the multiplayer mode "Bounty Hunt". I can't even count how many times the police have shot me to pieces before any hunters even got close to me, or how about the slight nudge from behind that causes your car to fall apart and shut down like it was hit by a death touch.

    Shameless teleporting cops with a completely different set of physics rules, I mean come on. It's completely offensive to me for the AI to take the lead and push to end the game mode immediately, they completely ignore the hunt aspect which is sport for us the players.

    I think tweaking the police responses to be less accurate while shooting and giving them the same vehicle physics as the rest of the city would be great. If they could pit maneuver without my vehicle exploding from the slightest nudge, I'm sure it would improve the overall game experience for everyone.

    Not much else to do after completing the story besides multiplayer, but in its current state it causes too much frustration and feelings of being cheated. So to prevent me and others (I would imagine) from "retiring" this game prematurely, fix the police PLEASE.
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