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    RPG? Role diversity? the only role that everyone is looking for is the Hybrid ones, max dps with max toughness because that's what this game allows you.
    Lucubrate about roles and its appropiate stats it's just a hobby in this game, has no "in game" practical implications more than few minimal stat resoults and at last it's a waste of time.
    If you want to play roles start specing Sets for classes.
    Remove all the healing habilities, talents and perks, like First Aid, Smart Cover, the Master self-healing armor, etc and healing attributes and make them only usable while wearing a Healer spec Set.
    Make the same for Tank and DPS Sets.
    Then we will start talking about roles and stat efectiveness.
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    Originally Posted by Maylos Go to original post
    I disagree on the removal of Health and SP. The idea of stacking these is exactly the opposite of what you said, if you roll Health everywhere it collectively adds to create a nice toughness boost meaning with it a player could decide to avoid a couple stamina mods or a major roll in favour of more firearms or electronics.
    SP is much the same, with it a support build no longer needs to make such drastic compromises in DPS or suitability, if they so choose.

    I have no argument in defence of DMG to Elites however, I simply included it as its still useful to PvE players.

    To be honest, you presentation about getting a more Tanky character with EDR+Health, or a more Skillpower User with Skillpower and Skill Haste looks very interesting.
    My first thought when i read it was : HO, very nice !

    Then i took a bit of time to think a bit about what are Health and Skillpower : Stamina and Electronics.

    Because those are stats that are derived from an other, they are very hard to balance.
    The perfect example was Skillpower in 1.3
    The obtainable rolls on Mods, Masks and Backpacks where so good that speccing into Electronic was a waste.
    Thus everybody was speccing into Skillpower, and Electronic was sent down the sink.

    Same goes with Health. In fact, it is even more complex with health. Why ? Because of two points :
    * Health vs Stamina rolls
    Make the Health rolls too good and everybody will rock Health on their gear, with minimal Stamina investment (because Health on gear will be more efficient than Stamina rolls).
    Make Health rolls too low and nobody will ever roll them, because Stamina (or any other stat) will be more efficient.
    * Toughness is a combinaison of Health and Armor.
    So as long as you allow a stat roll to increase your toughness, this roll will be chosen over the others.
    Your proposal to remove Armor rolls was made because Armor is the most efficient choice. If you remove Armor, then Health will be the only remaining choice, thus the only choice.
    You can't kill an Hydra by cutting only one of it's heads.

    This is an endless circle that can only be broken either by finding good balance, or providing only stats that can not be obtained in any other way.
    And perfect balance is VEERRRYYY hard to obtain, thus my proposition.

    After that, there are other problems, mainly Weapon Talents and Skillpower builds.
    The current implementation of Weapon talents forces you to spec into Firearms/Stamina/electronics to get your talents activated, thus restricting your manoever margin bit quite a deal. You need those talents activated, so you pump Firearms and Stamina. So you have no build choice and diversity. (I made a post about that, that got largely ignored ! One can not win all the time ;D)
    As for Skillpower builds, they managed to make offensive skills a lot more appealing and used, but the trade-off was the death of Support skills.
    As Support skills are not as effective as they were, it became more efficient to spec massively into firearms to compensate.
    Thus almost nobody goes over 100k skillpower : not needed. You get enough Health from First Aid and your offensive Skills deal enough damage.

    So i maintain : Major and Minor rolls on Gear should be stats that give utility to your characters, and must be stats that can not be obtained in any other way.

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