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    Hello! Apologies for the inconvenience thus far. If you continue to experience this issue, please open a ticket with our Support team so they can investigate the cause of this and better follow up with you.
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    Anyone else having the exact same problem again?
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    The game is in games for gold and keeps crashing. Also cant connect to the servers.
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    it keeps crashing doesn't matter what i do just goes black screen then 2 home did it like 5 times if any cares? lol
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    Btw. the problem of Fusion freezing sporadically a few seconds up to a minute after connecting to Uplay still persists, it's just less common nowadays. Just happened to me again yesterday. Last time I posted here (before GWG madness) I had 2-3 freezes in a row and gave up.
    So I have two different games of the same franchise, from the same studio, on two different consoles, freezing more or less sporadically, obviously related to hiccups of the online services, no matter if they are provided by Microsoft or Ubisoft Montreal or whatever. I know you are not patching either game anymore, but if anyone working on a future Trials game reads this, please

    try {
    catch {

    Hope you get the idea.
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    2 years later...

    The game cant even get passed the first menu for me. (Xbox1S) it crashes me to dashboard every single time
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    Crashes to dashboard every single time!

    After two years, I still can't play this game. I've submitted a support ticket but I'm not getting my hopes up.
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