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    Might & Magic XI

    Does anyone know rumors about Might and Magic XI or if Ubisoft is planning the development of a new chapter?
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    Well, they fired the company that made X, so I doubt we'll see XI any time soon, sadly. Sucks, since X was such a great game and got me hooked on the series. I played all of 3-10 now, and am dying for more...
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    Thank you

    Thank you for the response.
    As you me too I've played to the titles 3-10 of the M&M series.
    I wait hopefully for a Ubisoft new title to don't send the saga to the end.
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    I'm also wishing for a new MM. I've been playing MM since MM6 from 1998. It's been a favorite gaming pastime for a huge chunk of my life. I don't want to see the genre end.
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