I like the game, but i have only some issues about Audio options.

Why you insert only very less audio options like master volume, music on/off, subtitle, language?

My opinions as follows:

1.) Most annoying is the woman voice from police helicopter telling me every 5 sec stop the vehicle, pull over. I think it's clear to often, i mute my sound in police chase, otherwise it's not acceptable. My girlfriend also said, without looking to the game. How often this will come, it's very annoying.

2.) Second annoying is the voice from the guy with the mask, i hate this like i also hate the voice of Kylo Ren in Star Wars with his mask.

3.) Last annoying is the music, it's not good, it's annoying, it does nothing for the atmosphere. FURTHER, please patch the option, that you can switch of the music in game when you run around etc, but when you take a car, that music is on there. Actually, when you switch off music, it's also off in car. I like the car music but the all on music in game sucks.