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    Watch Dogs 2 does not fit TV screen

    Hey, guys! So I just received my Collector's Edition "Return of the Dedsec" a few days earlier than expected, but as I loaded up the game on my Xbox One, the resolution didn't fit my TV. The sides of the display is cut off, limiting some of my minimap, etc. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have looked everywhere I have thought of, but haven't found anyone having the same issue nor anyone having a fix. Please help a hyped WD fan in need
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    Hey mikkel_on,

    Welcome to the forums. Could you let me know how you're connected to your TV, and what kind of TV you're using please?

    Also, do you get the same issue on any other TV in the house?

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    Got the same problem

    Hi !
    I got the same issue.
    The game does not fit the TV screen.
    I checked my Xbox one's parameters, but I have not found any solution... even in my TV parameters.
    Other games are running very well, with a good screen fitting.
    It needs a patch perhaps ?
    We are not alone....


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    My solution

    Hello, thanks for the responses!

    I ended up checking through all of my TV settings before finding the resolution settings on my TV. I changed the settings from "Fullscreen" to "Original", which fixed the problem. Still weird how I haven't had this problem with any of my other Xbox One games

    - Mikkel
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    I still have the problem...

    I'm glad for you, but I still have the issue ^^
    I checked again in my TV screen parameters, but they were fine...
    I still need help ^^'
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    I agree

    I have my xbox one connected to my tv via HDMI and have everything set up as 1080p. I know my tv has issues with overscan in apps like Youtube and the like, but games have never been noticable like this.

    I had always wondered why games would include a screen size calibration tool. I guess this is why. I hope the hud doesn't suffer from this.
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    Ission failed

    Whatever a ission is, ou failed it and died.
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    ps4 screen resizing

    Hi can anyone help with PS4 screen size issue also...as its cutting off borders of game
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    Same issue here, using an Samsung TV with the default microsoft HDMI kabel.
    Checked all the settings couldnt find anything off, and Watch Dogs 2 is the only game that has this problem.
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    Same Issue

    Seems i'm not the only one with this issue. Tried to play on Xbox One. Not being able to see the top of the screen or the left half of the minimap makes it very hard to enjoy the game. Can you guys please add a screen slider so I can fix the horrible bordering issue. My TV settings and other games have zero issue fitting.
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