I noticed that much more rounds of Dominion end up with very strange results.
For example yesterday me and my friend play the round where enemy team use gunk tactic. We captured zones, stand there, but every single time enemies came together in the zone and we should went help to someone to hold the zone. We did it pretty well, but first died enemy just respawn and start capturing our zones, and when we came to take it back (splited up again) they chose another zone and go full team there. And everything happend again. If we try to stay like 3/1 to not let them captured our zones, this one who tried just help their teammates to gunk. And while they have 11 rep Shaman with 180 gear and 30+ rep Nobushi they can destroy us in 3v4 fights (i played LB 2 rep 60 gear and my friend have Shinobi 5 rep, while other two were Goki 2 rep and Bers 3 rep).
So we end up with capturing zone A and lost two other zones. And we're broken, lost 200 points and become 600 vs 1000. And then we have not so much options. If we went to capture another zone together, we will loose zone where we stand (so no big difference), and if we send someone to capture zones while others hold up current zone, he will be destroyed by gunk squad and - 1 player, 3v4 and you know.
But most times this gunkers even can't kill us after broken. That happend this time as well. Whole time before points loose (3+ min) they came to our zone, try feats and everything to win, but we just crushed them again and again.
So in the end our team have 4000 overall personal points, almost 80 overall kills and only 7 deathes, and we have 15 objectives. And we loose. The question is...why? Why mode about holding zones could be lost by team who actualy held zones? Only one thing that where better for enemies is 17 objectives to our 15, but this is two zones they captured in the end.

And this kind of matches happend oftener and oftener.