Our focus to improving the core experience with Update 1.4 has proven successful judging from the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received following the release of this update. The feedback you gave us from the PTS has been key to tailor this update.
Following the amazing success of our PTS for update 1.4, we have now updated it to allow you to test our next update: 1.5 and the DLC that comes with: Survival.

As usual, please give us your feedback on the PTS Forums, and keep an eye out for our Agent Brief threads where we will ask for specific feedback from the PTS.

For more information on the PTS and access rules, please read our FAQ. Also make sure to read our 1.5 and Survival Patch Notes here.

Once again, thank you so much for your help. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Survival and Update 1.5!

The Division Dev Team