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    Mislabeled Items

    Hi, i've noticed several items that are "mislabeled", making them harder to find. The one I just spotted is in Special Episode "Elfish", in Santa's house scene. The request is for "mistletoe", but what is showing on the door is holly, not mistletoe. Also, in the Special Episode for the 4th of July, several times the request if for "water
    CAN". A water can is what you use to water plants with, and is either metal or plastic and looks like a jug with a long spout and handle. What is showing are water JUGS, those big plastic bottles you put on a water dispenser. I think this is mistake is also made in the episode where the cop was undercover at the mall at the toy store. Very frustrating!
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    There's TONS of those things all over the game. There are things with odd names (including things that seem down right wrong to me). There are things that have different names in different scenes. There are a lot of plural things that are singular and singular things that are plural.
    I attribute these to:
    1) Non-English speaking programmers
    2) Different programmers for different scenes.
    3) Localized colloquialisms.
    4) Altered names to make them more similar to other things on the page to trip you up if you don't read the word carefully.

    Award vs. Ribbon
    Award vs. Award (there was one scene where there was a statuette and a ribbon, both called award)
    Football vs. Rugby Ball vs. American Football
    Torch vs. Flashlight

    We could have a thread a hundred pages long if we wanted to get picky about it. I just figure out what they are calling it this Episode or even scene and remember that until I've finished it in Platinum star mode.
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    Let's say it's one of the challenges of the game (haha). Things are even named differently when the same scene returns in another case.
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    I know, that award/award scene drove me nuts not knowing which it was!

    The latest I've come across is in several toy stores and the miniature golf reward center that calls an item "toy boxes" when it is clearly labeled "toy BLOCKS"!. To me, a toy box is what you put all of the toys in, not a set of blocks. But as you said, who knows what the colloquialism in in the programmer's local.
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