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    Problem in "Owner of a Lonely Heart" on Bass?

    Anyone else playing the bottom end see this? The main seven note riff - Open A/B/C/D/D followed by G/G on the E string - shows up as the double-G being incorrect and F-sharp is correct in its place. I got a long string of "MISS" with the arrow pointing towards the headstock when I hit the G, but when I went to F-sharp it's considered okay.

    Could be me and my playing, but occasionally Rocksmith gets a little wonky with notes. Heck, I don't even know if this is the right forum...
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    I don't have my bass here, but I played it with the bass emulator on my guitar. I had no such problem.
    A know problems is that some players press down on their fret so hard that they sharpen the tone a bit, sometimes even a whole semi-tone. Not sure if that is what you are doing, but if you press esc ingame (assuming you're on a pc), you can see the ingame tuner, press some frets, and see which tone you're playing. Hope this helps
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    That's possible - I play RS on my Mac with headphones, and I still have the very bad habit of pressing hard occasionally on the fretboard to squeeze that volume out. When I play live I'm occasionally stunned by how loud I can go. I'm going to put it through my combo amp and see what I can get, or check on a way to pass the sound through my DI. Thanks for the tip.
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    I have no trouble at all with that riff. In the other riff, there's one hammer-on (according to the sheet music) that the notetrackers have down as a slide, but other than that, Owner looks just right on bass.
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