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    Gameplay for younger players

    My kids (7 and 10 years old) watched parkour on youtube and found assassins creed and they loved the climbing on walls, running on roofs and jumping. Would it be possibe to add a code to change the game to be suited for younger palyers. Like remove the use of weapons when code applied. I have not played the game so i dont know exacly how it would be done best.
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    Not sure about that, that might be more of a question for the PC crowd on their forums. If you are on console, though (Xbox or PlayStation) I'd assume the answer is "No".

    I would say that if they're interested in parkour, they do have other options, though. Mirrors Edge is a little more appropriate, I'd assume. One of the Spider-man games might capture their fancy (Web of Shadows is pretty fantastic).

    I mean, I let my brother and sister play the first four games when they were just slightly older than your children, but... probably wasn't the best idea in the world.
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    There is not an option like that to my knowledge, and the games are rated M. As Cawatrooper said, there are other games that use parkour that will be more age appropriate. I believe there is a tag on steam that allows you to search for games with parkour movement systems.

    Hope that helps!
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