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    Originally Posted by Laxuar Go to original post
    Synthetics gazing upon the moon ^_^

    If i win i would like the Italian keyboard layout
    5000 people that consume bunch of high-end luxury goods and pay no taxes, sounds just like the billionaires in the US.
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    NsN here, i'll take my keyboard in British flavour thanks

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    Somewhere, on a distant star system hidden deep into the Milky Way, a new civilization is rising.

    In case I'd win I would like the US Layout Keyboard.
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    Lots of love went into this sector, got my Corporate HQ in the distance.
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    The old Global Trust dams of Walbruck Basin were once instumental in the completion of the Lunar Licencing Program; now they are quite the tourist attraction. The city of Walbruck has since developed into a spectacular metropolis & recreation zone revered by history buffs and thrill-seekers alike.

    If I am selected I would like a QWERTY US layout
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    My Corporation HQ

    This is my Corporation HQ in the night.

    I prefer QWERTY USA keyboard
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    Hello everyone,

    the event is now over. Thanks a lot for your fantastic screenshots.
    We will get back to you, once the winners have been drawn.

    Your Anno Team
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