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    [Event] #ANNOversary2016: Win Gaming Keyboards (ended)

    Dear Anno Fans!

    Today, November 3rd, is the first birthday of Anno 2205. To celebrate this, an event starts today. Since release, a year ago, several updates have expanded the game. Thanks to your feedback and the preliminary tests, quite a few suggestions, ideas and wishes could be implemented.

    Click the image to see the the evolution of Anno 2205 in its whole glory

    Important Event Details

    • When: November 3rd to 9th
    • Task: Show one screenshot of your most spectacular Anno 2205 sector on the forums or Facebook.

      Forums: Just post your image in the > Event Thread <
      Facebook: Post on your timeline. Use the hashtags #ANNOversary2016 and #Anno2205
      Steam: If you're on Steam you can join there, too. More Details on Steam.

    • Prizes: There are 2 ROCCAT Ryos MK FX keyboards waiting for the lucky winners. You can choose the layout yourself!
    • Lucky Draw: The winners of the prizes will be drawn until November 15th.

    Click the image to see it in its whole glory

    Additional Notes & Conditions

    • You need to own Anno 2205 (any version)
    • You have to be at least 18 years old, or need the permission of your parents.
    • After the 2 winners have been drawn, we will inform you here on the forums.
    • Getting in Contact

      Forum Users:
      When a forum user was drawn, he will get a mail from us.
      The email will be sent to the adress that is used for the Ubisoft account.

      Post your image publicly so we can find it with the hashtags (Example Image). When a Facebook user is drawn, then a status update will be posted where the winning image is shown. The winner please contact us by sending a message to the official Anno Page.

      If a Steam user was drawn, he will get a friend request from BB_Graubart, who is a Steamworks Developer (Image). Details about the shipping will be discussed then privately.

      The drawn players have time until November 30th to get in contact with us, to claim their prize.

    • Required Info
      We will need some information from the winners. The UbisoftAccount name (from Facebook winners), the prefered keyboard layout and the postal adress to ship the prize. The postal adress will only be used for shipping.

    • Winners announcement
      Once the winners have been drawn and confirmed, we will publish their images and ingame names (not the real names).

    By joining the competition you agree to the rules, especially the way of contact.

    Your feedback to this event is very welcome:

    Good luck to all participants!
    Your Anno Team
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    Dear Anno Fans,

    the event is now over. Thank you very much for your participation and great screenshots here on the forums, Facebook and Steam.
    We will announce the winners soon.

    Your Anno Team
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    Winners of the #ANNOversary2016 Event

    Dear Anno Friends.

    The event to the first birthday of Anno 2205 is over. Thanks to all participants. You have shown us so many stunning and spectecular screenshots of your Anno 2205 sectors. Fate has spoken and the winners have been chosen! Congratulations and enjoy your new gaming keyboard!

    The screenshots of our winners



    You can leave your feedback to the event here:

    We hope you have a fantastic weekend!
    Your Anno Team
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