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    Problem with quest 9, suspect profile 11

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    I even went on the FB page and chatted with someone that wanted some number for the game you get in settings in the game and a screne shot , i gave the number to my fb csi game but i can't do screne shots on my pc. or just can't find where my pc stores them . and then i never heard anything back from them. i would really like this resolved so i can continue to play the quests.
    Well I got a letter from someone , stating they were aware of my problem and were looking into it , but its still going on. I just think its time to give up . It really just upsets me that when you like playing a game because they do come out with new inovated ways to make the game more interesting , you get a bug that makes playing it such a bother that you don't like playing any more and no one seems to care enough to fix it .
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    Need Help!

    Just wondering if you're still offering the CSI cup, because ever since I updated the game on my kindle I haven't seen it at all so I just assumed you had gotten rid of it. I've already tried completely uninstalling and deleting it from my kindle with no luck, what can I do?
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    Still having issues!!!!

    Is anyone else having issues with the CSI Cup of is it just me? It's been about a month since I posted that I've been having issues with it and not only has no one gotten back to me but it STILL isn't offering the CSI Cup, so what the he'll is going on? I love this game but I have to tell you that I'm getting quite frustrated & very disappointed with the game and what's worse is that I can't even report it on the game itself because it doesn't give me the option to do so anymore.
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