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    Post editing on mobile phone bug

    This has nothing to do with the Trackmania game, but as an active member of this forum I'd like to report this bug here anyway.

    Over the past months I've posted a few short and long messages in this forum, mainly using my Android mobile phone. Whenever I discover a misspelled or wrongly autocorrected word in my posts I want to correct it by editing my text.

    When I choose to edit a post on my mobile phone, using the Chrome browser, I'm immediately - at the top of the screen - given the offer to delete my post. This option is by default autoselected with a checked radio button that can't be unchecked. Below it is the square button that should be tapped to go through with the deletion.

    Below all of that is the post title box and then the actual message box with the text that I want to edit.

    Here is where the bug comes in: When I tap my text to insert a marker at the place where I want to change a word, the system thinks that I've tapped the delete button above the post title box, and my entire post is instantly deleted.

    A few times I've remembered to copy the text before trying to edit it, so that I could publish the edited text as a new post after losing the old one, but sometimes I've forgotten to do that and lost my entire text. This happened recently with a long text I had posted in the Random positive stuff thread.

    I obviously can't tell if the bug is caused by Android, Chrome or this forum itself, but I thought it could be good for your team to be aware of the problem. Perhaps one way to solve it would be to not have the deletion radio button checked by default.

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    Hi SnowHermit,

    I also wondered why your posts had been deleted. I will forward this issue to forum admins but I don't know if this issue can be fixed.
    At least we know there is an issue when trying to edit a post on mobile phone so thank you for your report

    Kind regards,
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    Thank you, Alinoa. ☺
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