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    Originally Posted by djShiftySeaN Go to original post
    So basically I'm going to be wasting time matchmaking because having good gear doesn't make you a good player. Everyone is going to have good gear and there will be no way to tell until you have to constantly revive them, but I'm guessing that this won't even be the case anymore because the game will be so easy anyways. In which case, i will quickly become bored of it and finally leave this game like many others already have.
    Bye then, don't let the door hit your *** on the way out
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    Originally Posted by aldramelech Go to original post
    Bye then, don't let the door hit your *** on the way out

    Git Gud got dun. LMAO

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    Originally Posted by Hugo-FOU Go to original post
    Totally disagree. I think the way Massive have approached it for 1.4 is just right.
    The hardest difficulty SHOULD, IMHO, reward exclusive vanity items, but loot should be left out of it.
    Like uniqe outfit or waepon skins or rare performance mode (5%chance for drop) which has some better properties (+1/+2 % more )
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    Idk if anyone else suggested this but lets say you have your gear acores right? WT4 spawns 229 gear if I'm not mistaken. There are minimum and maximum ranges on the stats for each weapon, gear piece, mod etc. So lets say hard gives you the bottom third, challenging gives the middle third, and heroic (incursions for now, other content later) gives the top third rolls.

    That way you still get the same comparable gear for doing the same content just not quite as min maxed as for doing the more difficult content.

    You can even expand upon this with their built in system that harder content spawns more gear. So with that hard would drop, say 3 pieces of gear. 1 of the 3 would be top third stat rolls. Challenging would drop 4 pieces. 2 would high stat rolls. Heroic all drop high stat rolls. And 6 of them.

    Point being is there are ways that minimally impact the game as a whole while still rewarding players for finishing heroic incursions or russian consulate etc.
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