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    Rocksmith 2014 Remastered: Gameplay Feedback

    Hey Rockers,

    We're excited to share the Remastered Edtion with you and we'd love to hear your feedback. Please use this thread to share with the team any gameplay feedback you have.

    If you experience an issue, we encourage you to contact our Support team and post in the ​Rocksmith 2014 Remastered: Bugs/Issues Thread.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!
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    Very happy overall with the changes to Non-Stop Play. The number of options for song lists, and filters for tuning, artist, year, etc. really allow you to work with more than just the 5 lists named. That alone is a great addition.
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    Hey and thank you for remastered edition. I really loved what I saw. New stats feature is great but when I started a new profile for remastered edition (sometimes a blank page is good I saw that some stats are not resetted. Like play time. Or song playthrough. I would like my stats all reset to zero for a new profile and keep stats for every profile separately.
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    Thank you for this awesome update! Here is my first feedback for the PC version:

    1. Scrolling in song view
    I play in the resolution 1280 x 720 (because I only have onboard graphics in my laptop - the game runs fine this way). I absolutely love the fact that you can now see all "other arrangements" directly after seleting a song from the list. But here is the problem: with 4 or more arrangements the next entry "Score Attack" is hidden from view. Solution: the whole list of recommendations and arrangements in the song view should scroll down.

    2. Skip tuning
    Scenario: I tuned my guitar myself while waiting for Rocksmith to load and choose "skip tuner" on the first song I play (an option I am very greatful for). Now when I finish and move to the next song the tuner shows up again, even if the tuning has not changed.
    Solution: If I choose to skip the tuner screen once, it should only show up again if I change to a song with another tuning. Or at least make such behaviour an option in the settings. This could go together with an option to supress the warning that shows up upon selecting "skip tuner". Skipping the tuner is for higher speed, don't hold me back by showing me the warning every time, please :-D

    3. Metronome mode (This is a new feature suggestion)
    Rocksmith teaches us a lot of things and is an awesome tool for learning guitar. But it also tricks us into believing we play and sound better than we actually do. When you play a song that you feel comfortable with inside Rocksmith on your own for the first time, you will most likely realize that you suck at playing (I did, at least). You can never find out how good you really sound if you just play together with the original music. A workaround is to lower or even mute the original music in the mixer. But from my experience it is difficult to keep up the tempo and stick to the beat when you have no music at all... this is a frustrating experience. Now what is the solution that musicians have used since like forever? Correct: The metronome! Professional musicians still use them for training and recording to get the best results. Rocksmith already has a metronome available: It counts you in when you play a song.
    I am suggesting a feature to accompany the player with a metronome through the whole song: The metronome mode. It can use the beat map of the song, just like the note highway is a visual representation of the beat map. Possible implementation: As simple as one additional "metronome" volume slider in the mixer menu. A little bit more complicated: checkboxes for toggeling the sliders on/off, allowing the player to just toggle both "metronome" and "music", instead of sliding both around.
    This feature helps improving your skills beyond Rocksmith, which is kind of hard right now.

    4. Prevent song preview playback after finishing a song
    When I finish a song I often find myself repeating a riff or lick from this song while it is still in my fingers (and trying to find out what I sound like without the background music). But after a couple of seconds the results screen goes away and the song preview starts, rendering me unable to continue practicing.
    Solution: Only play the song preview when you enter from the song list, do not play when returning from results screen. And please make sure that the guitar tone stays the same until I go back to the song list, instead of switching to the default tone instantly.

    5. Give us back 9,0,o,p for Riff Repeater (on PC)
    Admittedly, using the arrow keys to navigate the song sections in Riff Repeater has now become much more intuitive, thank you for that! But since my muscle memory is already trained for 9,0,o,p I would like to continue using them. It was a less intuitive, but faster method of selection. It should not be a problem to support both key bindings at the same time. (Moreover: The new button layout + - [ ] does not work properly on non-English keyboards, e.g. German)

    6. Allow us to dismiss the "Rocksmith Cable not connected" warning during song playback
    Skipping the tuner finally allows using Rocksmith without a guitar and / or the Realtone Cable. Sometimes you go somewhere else and maybe have a guitar and Rocksmith on your laptop, but no Realtone Cable. Then it is nice to be able to still play together with Rocksmith. And sometimes you just want to have a look at the note highway without your guitar. All this is now possible, but yet not completely, because of the constant "Rocksmith Cable not connected" warning during song playback. Please do not repeat the warning once it has been dismissed. Or are you afraid people won't buy cables anymore?

    Thanks for your attention!
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    Rocksmith Remastered

    I know this is probably the last thing on the list but it would of been nice to have a new RockSmith Remastered Desktop Icon! Ha. Other than that it's awesome, my issue where it was taking ages to switch paths seems to be resolved too. Excellent work Guys!!!!!
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    Thank you for the patch and making the game even better!

    In addition to these changes, I'd like to see the tunings of the Other arrangements and also the play count next to them. There should be enough space in the row for this info. I also noticed that I still need to change the path if I'm on Lead and the song only has a Rhythm arrangement. These are minor complaints but I think they could be easily implemented.

    I'd also like to add songs to lists via Learn a song, the same way as favorites are added, but I guess there's a reason why it's not possible there.
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    The only gameplay issue I've encountered is that the new DLC has the lead guitars as ALT leads and the regular lead path is full of vocals, keys, memorable melodies. Kind of ****ty I can't play the lead guitar fills on the main Lead path in songs like Three Little Birds or Some Nights.
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    I like new changes to learn the song/non-stop play
    but there is one thing that i hate - when starting song for first time, all levels are 0, so I enter pause and level them up, then when returning to play, the song starts so quick, you can barely see what you had to stroke before you miss
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    Very happy overall. I love the new RR and song lists, and being able to choose lead/rhythm/bass from LaS is really cool.

    Two niggles:
    1. It would be nice to choose lead/rhythm/bass Score Attack as well. There appears to be space, so why not extend the idea?
    2. It's long been a bugbear of mine that sorting in LaS and SA is not linked. If you go from LaS to SA and then press back, you are dropped into a list that can be ordered differently. This has gotten worse with the new lists, since Score Attack and LaS may be filtered according to a different list. This seems unnecessary and confusing to me. I realise that in terms of ordering, LaS has criteria that aren't relevant for SA, but surely if the lists for the two are the same, then the two could follow each other? If I go from LaS to SA I'm likely to want to work on the same list, rather than whatever I left it on last time I was in SA?
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    It took me a long time to figure out how to add a song to a list today - I think that, on the single-song screen (the one that shows goals, arrangements, etc.), there should be a way to add a song to a list, and also a way to favorite / unfavorite that song.

    I'm also not completely convinced that lists 1 and 2 should be pre-populated - it's nice as examples, but in practice I'm going to want to use lists 1 and 2 for my purposes, and I don't find lists of all DLC / all non-DLC to be useful in practice.
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