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    Mode:scale warriors

    Detailed description of the issue: when playing scale warriors to complete a mission i encountered an issue where you have the game paused and a mission complete screen comes up you are unable to press any button to exit that screen as the game is "paused"

    What you were doing before this happened: playing scale warriors to complete a mission and i paused the game by pressing the escape key then the mission complete screen came up and i pressed enter to acknowledge the screen and i makes the sound but the screen doesnt go
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  2. #712
    platform: PC
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  3. #713
    Platform: MacOS 10.14.6

    Song: e.g. Aerosmith - Dream on, Slayer songpack and some other DLC's purchased through Steam

    Mode: Learn a Song

    Detailed description of the issue: After downloading the latest Steam client patch, some previously purchased DLC's disappeared from the song list. However, searching by title or artist, the songs will appear with a lock next to them as if they weren't yet been purchased.

    What you were doing before this happened: Downloaded the latest Steam client patch.

    Any additional details you think would be helpful: Checking game files integrity on Steam doesn't help. The physical files are in the right folder. Songs don't appear in the owned DLC's list in Steam. In the shop -mode the songs appear as not owned. Obvously, these songs have worked fine up until now. It seems like the issue is with the first DLC's I ever bought. Restarting game won't help, restarting computer won't help, restarting Steam won't help, playing offline won't help, re-installing game won't help.
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  4. #714

    PS4 Trophies

    Mode: Session Mode

    I played Session Mode for 60+ minutes and i played with all instruments but the trophies didnt unlock. Is there something special to do or maybe a way to fix this problem?
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  5. #715
    Platform: Playstation 4
    Song: Various/All
    Mode: Various/All
    Detailed description of the issues (Occurred Apr. 7-9, 2020):
    Rocksmith 2014 on PS4 is once again suffering from the same memory erasure glitch that I have reported in the past; the glitch is described in further detail as issue #1 in my previous error report in this thread (Post #695). I had not been experiencing this glitch ever since I was forced to completely uninstall and re-install the game along with the 925 DLC tracks I had at the time of the original report, and since then I have been letting all save operations run to completion before taking any actions in-game, as not doing so was believed to be the likely cause of the glitch last time. However, the memory erasure glitch began reoccurring as of Tuesday April 7th, 2020 (I have been keeping track of the number of missions completed and the most recent song played at the end of each session ever since this issue originally occurred), and has persisted in every session since then.

    (EDIT): Adding a detail that I did not notice at initial observation but that I can confirm is new to this version of the memory erasure glitch. During my play sessions over the two days before noticing the new erasure glitch, I happened to unlock the "Snarling of Beasts" bonus track; I remember closing the respective gameplay session shortly after that unlock, and the track was still present during my next session the following day. However, the bonus track is no longer present and my completed mission count has dropped from my last recorded number of 207 down to 203. This means that the new erasure glitch is actually erasing up to several sessions worth of progress that had already been successfully saved on a prior occasion; how such a feat can be accomplished by the software is beyond me.
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  6. #716
    Plateform: PS4
    Mode: Shop
    Detailed description of the issues :

    Disclaimer: my dad is playing this game (i don't play any instrument) and asked me to post here since i have an ubisoft account, so i don't know if he did anything wrong , but he couldn't find an answer online.
    When clicking on the in game shop for songs or packs, the message "no content is available" pops up.
    We checked on the PS Store to make sure, but the songs appear there but in the ingame shop.
    For what it's worth, we're on the EU server of Rocksmith
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