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    Scale Warriors Achievement Freezes Game

    System: Windows 10, Steam

    This has happened twice now. The scenario is that a Rocksmith Recommends item suggests to accomplish a goal within the Guitarcade game Scale Warriors. Once I achieve that goal, the completion screen pops up within the mini game, but the game then won't let me close the screen that comes up. Pressing "Enter" still makes the button press noise, but the screen won't actually go away.
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    Hey drstrings1, welcome to the forums (post wise, anyway)!

    I'm sorry that this is happening. Can you please try verify your game files and testing again?

    1. In Uplay, click on Games tab at the top of the window
    2. On the next screen, hover over the game tile. This will make a little arrow appear at the bottom right of the tile
    3. Click on this arrow to make a drop-down menu appear, then click on Verify files

    Try a clean boot as well, before testing.
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