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    bugs bugs everywhere!

    Platform: PS4
    Song: most recently? Cold company, backing out of self destruct, also happened after desolate motion, after hey ya... all the time really.
    Mode: learn a song
    Detailed description of the issue: I have noticed three separate issues since "updating".
    1. Game just freezes upon selection of a song. This happened every now and then before the update, but now it will happen sometimes after EVERY single song.
    2. Can select song, and when tuner comes up, the guitar on the screen is a glitched out armature, sometimes I can tune, sometimes I cant, usually it freezes either way.
    3. When selecting a song from my list, when x is pressed the song deletes. Just...gone? and I have to do a full restart.

    What you were doing before this happened: Most of this occurs after a full restart, since I can only manage maybe two songs in a row before the game freezes.

    Any additional details you think would be helpful: I don't have any sorry, but I hope this gets fixed soon because it makes me, and im sure other players, feel like not even trying to play with all these issues.

    Thank you.
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    No songs listed in the shop packs

    Platform PS4 digital copy
    Mode Shop
    Detailed Description: when looking a song packs in the Rocksmith shop all the packs show 0 songs, and do not list the songs that are in the pack. It show me the packs I have purchased
    with a check mark, but those also list the pack as 0 songs.
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    Just noticed this bug listed, this is the one I have but I have it on the PS4

    PS3, Xbox One, PC
    Shop incorrectly shows empty DLC packs or errors in DLC packs

    STATUS: This is related to our metadata file, which our QA ninja is currently amending. Picture a plate of spaghetti, where it's all one strand and lasts for 900 songs. You will see anaomalies in your song lists until that noodle is detangled. When it's fixed, you won't have to do anything to make it behave -- it's server-side.
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    Xbox 360:
    Non-Stop Mode doesn't show the right "Fingers or Mediator" for Single-player Bass.

    I was playing:
    Non stop mode (1-Player, Bass)
    Songs = Song List 2
    Tuning = E Standard
    Order = Title
    Arangements = Bass + Alter Bass

    I noticed the bug while playing American Jesus by Bad Religion.
    It showed as "Fingered", but it's not. All Bad Religion song on bass
    are played with a Mediator.
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    Originally Posted by Ezzy911 Go to original post
    Well said. Still seems odd to me that this was even released. No where near ready for the public. Had to have been pressure to get this out. Unfortunately it ends up being similar to another guitar based game which no longer exists.
    Simple: You can't fix bugs you're not aware of. There's no way for the Rocksmith lab to have a copy of every hardware configuration, or even know what the most common ones their game is played on.

    I've identified at least two major game-stopping bugs from 2014 that are fixed in Remastered in my playing; and the crashes, while frequent on my PS3, leave the system where the digital AMP in the game continues to function (and it even give the bloop for attaching or detaching the rocksmith cables) and all I have to do is exit out to the menu. Which isn't the hard crashes of yore.

    So in many ways, it functions much better.
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    absolutely unacceptable

    Sorry, but I loaded up RockSmith 2014 today and it's the most unstable piece of crap I've ever seen. Why would you do this? Absolute crap! Remastered piece of crap! Don't release an update when it doesn't work. I can't load songs, I click on them and they disappear. Within an hour, the game locked up 4 times. The shop is sluggish and can't keep up with scrolling.

    I have had it with services "updating" only to make it worse. Sorry, but this is crap. It worked fine before, the update should be better, not worse.

    I've got hundred of dollars in this, why would you mess around with it so I have to struggle just to practice some songs, I've paid for???? Please get this fixed ASAP!
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    re: disconnecting net and a diff bug for me on PS3

    When I updated my PS3, playing under my main profile freezes up the game, but playing under a 2nd profile is fine(no freezes that is) since. I read about disconnecting from the internet and assumed(not being tech savvy in any way) that I was disconnected under my 2nd (functioning ) profile, because I wouldn't see the playstation sign in screen , that I see under my main(frozen) profile. Today after playing under my 2nd (functioning)profile for 2 hours in NON STOP Play, I toodled around my PS3 for the 1st time and found a network settings thing that says my net connection has been enabled the whole time. So this makes me think, its not about connecting to the net freezing things, its connecting or disconnecting( not signing into the ps3 network, that may be the problem. Again my main profile automatically showns and signs into the ps3 network.(where I can see leaderborads, etc..but my main profile freezes up, everytime in learn a song. My 2nd profile, the one in which I've been playing with NO FREEZING issues, doesn't show a playstation sign in screen , when I begin, and I can play score attack, but not see leaderboards(couldn't care less), works just fine in learn a song and nonstop play....
    I did find a different bug though... After 90 minutes problem free in NON-STOP PLAY (under my 2nd -not signed into PS3 network profile) I went into Learn a song. I had been playing everything in NON STOP on lead or alt lead. when I went into LAS in LEAD path I clicked on WALK -foo fighters, looked at the song screen , scolled down to the rythmn path (on the song screen) and clicked it, thinking it would give me the rythmn version of this song instead of the Lead path I was already in. the song loaded, looked good, notes and chords and open strings started coming, and I started to play, but it says I was missing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, every single note... so again that was ythmn but I was in lead path moed for the song, but clicked on rthmn path below, that showed 0%.... after that I gave up... sore fingers... so that's a new bug for me , anyways.
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    More Disappearing DLC Onset details

    Platform: PS3
    Mode: Learn a Song
    Song: Various DLC

    I had been playing the Remastered update without experiencing the disappearing DLC issue until today. I observed this behavior only after buying a song from the store within the game ("Jessica" by the Allman Brothers Band). That song downloaded and installed as expected, and I was able to play through it normally. However, after exiting that song, when viewing the list of songs, a song disappears from the list upon being selected. I found that quitting the game and restarting did not restore normal operation, but that powering down the PS3 for a period of time and then starting the game did restore normal operation.
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    Quasi-freeze after non-standard tuning

    Platform: PS3
    Mode: Learn a Song
    Song: Various with non-Standard tuning

    Twice since getting the Remastered update, the game has stopped abnormally after re-tuning from Standard tuning to some other tuning. The re-tuning process proceeds as expected, and the tuning screen disappears, leaving the graphic background with speakers for the song I was about to play. However, the playing screen with the notes and strings never appears. I can play my guitar and hear what I am playing, but the Learn a Song arrangement is not active. The only control the game responds to is the Start Button, which brings up the PS3 top menu as expected. Returning to Rocksmith from that menu produced no change in behavior. I can only quit the game from there, which occurs normally, but causes me to lose any progress or changes from that session.

    As a workaround I have taken to using the tuner before selecting the song from the Learn a Song list, then skipping the tuner after selecting the song. That seems to work.
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    Well now that I have read through 30+ pages here is my issue. Seems there was only one other who had similar issue
    PS3 500 GB Slim This is the only Game I play.
    Play Bass only
    Learn a song.
    All songs (Over 300)
    Riff repeater.
    Can not control the speed. Goes back to 100 no matter what.
    Cannot play a single section. When restarting it goes to the whole song.To be clear if I want to practice 1 section only and restart the whole song starts up.
    Dynamic level not working. I have to go into each section and set the level I want to play.
    Does not record how many misses.(Used to. Did this get deleted in the Re-Master)
    Most Riff repeater function appear to do nothing. Seeing how many of them are new I have no idea if they are working correctly or not.
    I agree with Going back to the original till this gets sorted out!
    What a pain.
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