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    Steam Version making PC Crash

    For some reason, this game is making my PC crash while I'm playing it.

    It starts fine and plays fine, but after playing for awhile, my PC will randomly reboot mid game.

    Event Viewer gives me no useful information whatsoever as to what's going on.

    Verifying the files in Steam does nothing to fix this problem.

    I doubt it's my PC that's the problem as I've monitored system temps while playing this game and both my CPU and Video Card are running at normal temperatures. My PC also has no problem playing every other game I play. Even other Unity games I have work perfectly fine. Only this specific game is making my PC crash

    Any ideas as to what's causing this issue?
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    if your pc shutdown only in steam maybe this is a bug in steam but if your pc has a same issue in other game your pc is problem, i suggest check hardware special cpu fan and vga fan or check again temperature in your bios i hope this help you.
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    Your game files may not be complete
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