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    Hall of Heroes Raider Guide

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the next exciting installment of the Hall of Heroes community guides.

    Today we unleash the fury of the Raider.

    These guides were done in collaboration with members of our Discord channel.

    While you might have noticed the others have multiple people involved in the text portions, this one is all me (mostly because nobody played Raider as much). HandheldBrando assisted by providing gifs.


    Raider Basics
    by MisterWillow

    The Raider charges headlong into death to ensure victory for the Viking faction. With their mighty Dane Axe, they cut through steel, flesh, and bone; crushing all in their path, and leaving corpses in their wake. Fearsome and brutal, they carve a path through soldiers and heroes alike, ensuring a decisive victory.

    Raider Strengths

    Seeing as the Raider is a Vanguard, they're fairly well balanced, and as such, this is a good starter hero if you're looking to channel your inner Viking. This does not, however, mean that they should be played like the Warden or Kensei. They are a Viking, after all, and if Vikings are known for anything, at least from the point of view of combat and warfare, it is aggression.

    Following this, the Raider is great for keeping the pressure on your opponent. Their light strikes are quick, and are superb for close quarters brawls, and their heavies provide enough range to clip an enemy that thinks they're at a safe distance. While not possessing much in the way of finesse, they have enough mix-up potential in their repertoire to stand toe-to-toe with anyone, and in the right hands, are able to triumph in any situation.

    It also helps they have slightly more health than the other Vanguards.

    Raider Weaknesses

    As shocking as it may be to consider a Viking with weaknesses, the Raider has certain nuances that make them a bit difficult to get the hang of.

    First, their light attacks have an almost insufferably short range. You literally need to be within arms length of an opponent for a light to connect, because of the way they're delivered---working the haft as a lever, using both sides of it to chain their combo.

    Second, their heavy attacks are quite slow and very telegraphed. For whatever range you gain from them, and however great the damage they do, exponentially increases your chances of being parried or dodged (and subsequently punished). It also doesn't help that each one consumes a rather large amount of your stamina They should be used sparingly, if at all possible, and used more to gauge your spacing, especially against skilled opponents.

    Finally, their dodges don't carry them very far, and I normally only use them to set up a Pommel Strike or dodging the occasional overhead attack.

    Raider Moves

    The Raider is a brawler by nature, lacking delicacy and refinement; preferring instead to pummel their opponents and break their bodies. Following this, their combos are contained to rather simple, but effective, three-hit strings.

    Light Attacks - The Raider's light combo string---light>light>light---is deceptively quick for how large the Raider is, since opponents are generally expecting slow, powerful strikes from a wall of muscle. These are on the verge of being nimble, and can (like every other hero's combo), change direction between strikes---meaning you can hit left, then top, then right, or any combination thereof (though I do think a top as a follow-up to a side attack is slightly faster than others)---keeping your opponent guessing.

    Heavy Attacks - As for the power that one would expect from a mountain like the Raider, their heavy strikes hit like falling boulders. Like the light attack string, the heavies can be chained three times---heavy>heavy>heavy---and can take a considerable chunk of health if all three strikes connect.

    What's interesting about the latter chain is that you can also vary it by inserting a light attack into the middle---heavy>light>heavy---which can be incredibly useful for catching an opponent who dodges the initial heavy and thinks they have an opening.

    Raider Specials

    As you might expect, the Raider's special moves revolve around keeping an opponent on the defense and/or beating them senseless.

    Carry - The most obvious example (and most infuriating for people on the receiving end) is their ability to lift their opponent onto their shoulders, carry them some distance, and drop them like the corpse they soon shall be, either as a forward-momentum follow up to the guard-break, or by pressing guard-break while sprinting. I found that the latter manœuvre was only really useful in aiding allies being ganged up on by removing one of their would-be opponents, since your victim is likely to be focused on your ally and so fails to notice you before it's too late. Otherwise, the move is so telegraphed that it's very easy to dash to one side and avoid.

    Pommel Strike - Once you are actually in combat, though, one of the best things to keep your opponent on the defense is their Pommel Strike---either dodge>light attack or you cancel into it from a heavy attack (heavy attack>light attack during the 'wind up' portion of the animation)---which not only results in a lunging strike that closes a considerable distance, especially considering they don't use even half the length of their weapon to perform it, and when it connects, it causes your opponent's screen to go blurry and removes their indicators for when and where you attack for a moment. To a panicked opponent, this can be difficult to recover from, especially if followed by a series of heavy attacks.

    Here is the pommel strike from the receiving end.

    Unblockable - Lastly, the Raider's Unblockable is a devastating strike if it connects. You can either perform this independently, by pressing both light and heavy attacks at once (it functions as their zone attack), or combo into it by pressing light attack after a heavy---either heavy>light or heavy>heavy>light. This can easily catch an opponent my surprise, cause them to panic, and take the hit as a result, but be aware that an opponent with a cool head can dodge or parry this, so know who you're fighting and pick your moments.

    Raider Defense

    Strategically, when it would be potentially hazardous to play more aggressively (particularly when fighting Assassins), it is often more productive to be patient. Wait for your opponent to expend some energy, try to hit your parries, and guard-break just to keep them on their toes. Tangentially, your guard-break can also cancel your dodge---meaning you can dodge one way, then dodge another and guard-break. Your dodge will stop short, and you can often catch opponents waiting for your animation to finish.

    Another thing to prioritise in such situations---and particularly if you have a more calculating or patient play-style in general---is spacing. In regard to heavy attacks especially, knowing the exact range of your swing is imperative to catching an opponent off-guard, because I have hit plenty of people who simply thought they were out of range.

    It's also very easy to control your space with guard-breaks, both in the carry manaœuvre, but also in their ability to throw their opponents much further than any other hero if you toss them to the side, or behind you. If you think your opponent is too close, it's nice to be able to throw a guard-break and sling them to the side, usually outside their range of attack, allowing you better control of space. This can also be beneficial in a situation where you're outnumbered, because throwing one opponent into another will cause both to stagger (with the potential for one to fall to the ground).

    Raider Offense

    It should probably go without saying at this point that the Raider excels at offense. This does not, however, mean that you should be reckless. Despite whatever blind rage the Raider exudes, it should be tempered by the player's ability to assess their environment, their opponent, and their situation. Do not think you can play the Raider as a mindless brute. Fighting intelligently will save you more than raw power ninety-nine times out of a hundred.

    For example, if you find yourself outnumbered, do not take the Raider's above-average health pool as an excuse to get a couple hits in. Even though their light attacks are deceptively quick---perhaps even fast enough to land a blow if the proper gap between incoming attacks were to open---it is very dangerous to attempt fighting back without correct positioning. As stated, the Raider is great for achieving this positioning. While their dash isn't the greatest, it is more than enough to get you out of being surrounded; and even if this fails, a quick guard-break will work in a pinch, provided you have well-formulated intentions with it beforehand and execute those intentions immediately. From the guard-break, you can either use Carry to separate yourself from secondary opponents and isolate one enemy briefly, or you can toss one enemy into another---in fact, if surrounded, you can spin one enemy almost in a complete circle, staggering everyone. Either option can also take advantage of nearby environmental hazards to quickly remove one threat from the equation entirely.

    Second, try not to think you can power your way through every enemy. Your extra vitality will allow you to take at least one light hit more than the other Vanguards, affording you the ability to test your opponent's guard. If you attack and are not blocked, parried, or dodged, by all means, keep going--- just remember to monitor your stamina---but if any of these defensive measures are put into practice, for the love of Odin, do not continue. Instead, it's often better to exercise restraint, learn your opponent's movements, wait for attacks to parry or dodge, then punish them for it.

    Lastly, if you encounter an opponent who's strategy is also offense focus, take advantage of their momentum and wait for an opportunity to counterattack, even if that means attacking when they do. Neither of the other Vanguards can trade blows with the Raider and come out on top (obviously you'd need to rethink this if fighting the other classes), meaning every blow traded is an advantage to you. It's important to note that this should not be used as a strategy (since, obviously, if you kill the one opponent but encounter another soon after, you wouldn't be able to use the same tactic), but something to keep in mind should it occur in the midst of your retaliation. It would be more beneficial overall to use your dodges---specifically using your dodge-cancel-guard-break to fake out your opponent---your stun attack---particularly your Pommel Strike feint---and pick your moments. If nothing else, you can use light attacks to whittle their health down, or carry them into a wall.

    Used properly, the Raider is a juggernaut. Just quick enough with their light attacks to punish people up close, combined with a frightening amount of power, with enough tricks to keep an opponent confused and/or infuriated.

    Use them to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women. Rip and tear, warrior. We meet in Valhalla.

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    Addendum: To satisfy the overly sensitive (i.e. HandheldBrando) and those ignorant of cinema history, I am required to clarify that the line concerning 'lamentations of their women' is a quote from Conan the Barbarian. We at the Hall of Heroes believe in equal opportunity lamentation.

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    Fantastic work!

    Very detailed.
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    Great guide!
    ...cant wait to play more for honor!
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    For Honor Fridays on my channel

    Hey guys if your interested in For Honor feel free to take a look at new guide's and let's plays from the For Honor alpha , new content every Friday for the next 6 weeks and regular content when the beta and full game launch. Combat tutorials for all 6 classes available and executions coming soon. Strength & Honor!

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    Upstate New York, born and raised, on a playground is where I spend most of my days...
    Greetings all!

    I just wanted to give a big thank you to the authors of this series of guides, they really do a superb job of explaining their thoughts and putting in appropriate imagery.

    Ya'll rock, and this series is completely full of...

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    Awesome thread i may have to give these raiders another chance!
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    I need some suggest about fighting with fasts attack hero like Peacekeeper,Orochi,Valkyrie
    i can't counter them. Anyone have tips or idea.
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    Thank you for the guide. Raider is now much more interesting to me thanks to it.
    Vikings FTW!
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    Any plans to update this in the near future? There are some informations lacking and I still feel that the Wardens Guide (both of them) recieved way more love then the Raider. And hell I could need some advice against top Wardens. There is no way to keep up with their feints, speed and capabilitys as Raider - but I'd love to be proved otherwise.
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