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    AC4 DLC Problem

    Hey guys, I recently bought Assassins Creed IV Black flag deluxe edition + season pass, Uplay lets me download the game but not dlc, It shows that I own everything but none of the dlc are downloaded to game library ( I can only play main story, no Aveline or Freedom cry content the same as other dlc. All the options are greyed out. I created a ticket but that takes some time, does anyone encounter this problem? (BTW Uplay says that dlc are already installed but no dlc are actually downloaded, i guess that's some kind of bug because I reinstalled the game 3 times already and the same happens)
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    Have you tried entering the DLC product keys in the Uplay client? That's the usual way to activate DLCs.
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    I have the same problem, cannot play the DLC Freedom Cry. I bought the DLC on UPLAY and did not receive a product key. My account shows the game owned and installed but there is no way to play
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