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Before the leaves have fallen
Before we lock the doors
There must be the third and last dance
This one will last forever
Metropolis watches and thoughtfully smiles
She's taken you to your home

Glad everyone could figure out these Images & Words. Everything does indeed point back to Dream Theater. The background in the initial clue? That's the CD cover for I&W blurred out to an extreme degree. The answers to the original image? All words featured in “Metropolis Part I: "The Miracle and the Sleeper."”

Metropolis will be one of three songs featured in the upcoming Dream Theater song pack. Stay tuned to the Rocksmith social channels this weekend for another song reveal.

To temper expectations a bit, the entire pack is under 30 minutes in total length. Yes, that's still a lot of music in a three pack. I want to make sure people set their expectations accordingly. Something like "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" as one of the songs (42 minutes in one track) would be slightly insane.

As a HUGE fan of Dream Theater, I can't explain how personally excited I am for this one. Spending hours in Riff Repeater will never have been so fun. \m/
<3 I feel the same. I know it’s not reasonable to expect six degrees of inner turbulence, actually, actually my expectations were pretty much what actually happened and I’m really thrilled by these songs, even though I think there are incredible songs in DT’s catalog.

I had given up about DT coming to rocksmith tbh, thank you so much !