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    Tell your most memorable stories about the game for a 'game memorial' website

    Hi, everyone!

    I'm working on creating a website, called '3, 2, 1, Continue', the goal of which is to be a memorial for games that were released and eventually 'died' (i.e., closed). It's ironic how with the advancement of technology we've started making games that have a real life span, and I want there to be a place that would pay respects to those games and the time that the developers and players have put into it.

    With the 4 F2P ubisoft games closing soon, I thought it would be a good idea to start with those games before the forums are closed.

    The general goal is to have a page for each such game with a short description of it, and stories from players and developers.

    So, please, anyone interested, tell your most memorable stories, experiences, events from or related to Duel of Champions. Developers are welcome to write here too (though please put a note that you're a developer and who you are concretely), although if you don't, I'll try to contact you anyway in some other form

    If possible, please try to keep the stories 1-3 paragraphs long, though if the story can't be told in that span, then feel free to write it anyway, will try to find a way to incorporate them in a page.

    Thank you all for your time
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    Good idea ; I'll start. A tiny bit of background. I've been a french player of MMDoC for almost 3 years. And I had joined MoMCards community to help getting DoC known.

    There was this big event we organized in a city in France, Rennes. We were a few french players (around 6-8 experienced players i guess) willing to give new players a good experience of DoC. We gathered in a gaming bar where everybody could come and try DoC for free. The greatest thing I remember there was the questions I was asked about DoC :
    "This is such a great game, why nobody knows about it ? How come I never heard of it ? This should be more known than Hearthstone, no ?"
    I knew at that time that Ubisoft completely screwed up on advertising their game, and I was really sad ; because it was obvious this game had incredible potential.

    Still, I enjoyed every moment of that evening. It was my chance to meet people I usually play online with. We talked a lot about DoC and Ubisoft, strategies and stuff. It was really nice.
    We had a tournament with all the newest players. They were all playing base decks with a few bonus cards (they were given a bonus code with free boosters at the beggining), and we helped them deckbuilding and getting the base mechanics of DoC.
    Actually I was quite proud, because one of the player I coached during that evening won the tournament, thanks to my advices, and his natural talent. He was a very quick learner, and it was nice to look him discover the in-depth strategies I myself had a great time with when I first started DoC.

    After the evening, new players were so hyped many of them wanted to play DoC further. One of them even cashed in 30 € in DoC, to get more cards !

    That is one of the many great times I had with DoC.

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    Cool, thank you for the story! Anyone else keep 'em coming if you're interested
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