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    Assassin characters dont fit the combat Flow

    Both the orochi, as has been mentioned, and more recently the berserker need a rework. The other classes make sense and follow a certain design flow with the combat system. I feel as though these 2 classes disrupt the game feel. If you attempt to attack either of them they can instantly block you and have their way with you. I understand all classes can parry but lets be honoest its not all that difficult. When fighting with the other classes you are almost guaranteed the other player will block a few of your hits. When facing the zerk or oro this is your death knell. I feel as though attacking at what i think is an opportune time is a mistake each and every time. If either of these classes block ANY of your attacks they can hit you with a heavy or light attack oh and can guard break and throw you where they want. To me this makes little to no sense. I understand they are agile quick characters and I respect that but giving them the ability to negate any and all damage against all other classes is ludicrous to me. You shouldnt be punished for attacking someone. What are you supposed to do? wait for the fast agile fast attacking character class to attack you first? Seems folly as well. Im open to suggestions but I simply can not win when someone exclusively uses this aspect of these classes. I have fought and beaten them both but on average its because they do not abuse the tactic of wait to parry then win.
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    Assasins need a rework? Your brain needs a rework, did you forget you can pump fake attacks, mix it up if they can see where your going to swing they will either dodge it or try to parry it, then you press B to cancel that swing and go in for a much quicker attack or a guard break. instead of getting your *** kick and complaining on the forum like every other salty player how about thinking of a gameplan, what can you do, to gain an edge. Learn your combos their is a asic and advanced video for every class showing off their "op" abilities but i guess no one does that apparently, Knowing how your going to win a fight in 1 step closer to winning and an advantage for you.

    I main orochi and i didnt start out a beast, i went into a 1v1 and got man handled by a Raider, and guess what. i didnt went on the forum, asking for a rework, i went and watched the videos THE GAME gives you, tried them in practice mode and went back into 1v1 and kicked ***.
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    agree with helnekromancer, it's not impossible to beat them just don't rush the fight that's how you lose take it slow and be patient
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    I like to test Roachi and Zerk players. First time I face them in a round I'll throw a chain at them and see how they handle it. You can tell right away if it is someone who hasn't mastered deflects, got lucky, or nailed it. For the first two just hammer them with chains and it will be a massacre. For the ones who know what they are doing and can consistently deflect you need to change things up. If it's Roachi go for free hits, wall staggers guard breaks, and unblockables. It won't be clean and it will take longer, but if the left hook isn't working you gotta start jabbing, don't expect every opponent to fall for the same tricks.

    If they are a zerker with good defelcts it can be a real challenge depending on your surroundings. Out in the open, they likely can't follow up with more than a light hit, so keep and eye out and don't get too close to set dressing if you can avoid it. Other than that it's the same as the Oro you have to not give them anything to defelct.

    Deflects can be threatening, but go up against someone who is skilled with parries and you will know true terror.
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    The Assassin class is extremely skill based and is both most rewarding and punishable. I play as the berserker and tbh the mistake most people make is they try to rush combat against him and the more aggressive my opponent plays the easier it is. but if they take their time and feint the advantage easily goes to them since the Assassin's health is so low. A Raiders Heavy strike takes like 50% of your health. So I would say the Assassin class is without question the most skill based class. With a single mistake you will be completely destroyed by a somewhat skilled player of another class.
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