Hey everyone!

I'm new fan of this great game. And news about closing of DoC very upset me, because I did not have time to fully enjoy this game. I started play too late.

But, I have an interesting idea.

I want to create a real life version of M&M Duel of Champions with real cards and real board for playing. But I have a small problem - I don't have all cards in my account.

And here I need your help.

Maybe someone can give me his account with all cards for 2, maximum 3 days.

To realize this idea, I created a plan of what I will do in 4 steps:

1. Make a screenshots of all cards.
2. Cut them from screenshots and prepare for print.
3. Create a design of board for playing and prepare for print. (I'm 2D artist, so design will be good looking - http://artymasson.daportfolio.com/ )
4. Create a topic, with instructions and content for print.

So, if you big fan of this game and have all cards in your account, please, help me.

P.S. Sorry for my English, its not my native language.