Dear developers, im a tester since the begining of alhpa stage of Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade, also many other games,but EC testing experience means most for me.
Please, if it is possible,count me in into a testers programm, i DO understand that alpha and beta stages are for testing purposes,so i do not imagine myself as a gamer.

Constructive feedback, 1000+ hours spent is what i can promise for sure, i understand that there was many ppl that wrote same or close, but i can not ignore the chance just to say - hello to a developer team that makes For Honor.

The company who helped me to understand what testing actualy is - is Behaviour Interactive, canada montreal.

I am testing every warhammer 40k or fantasy game that is close to release now, or was before. Deathwing,EC, total war. i was everywhere. If there is any chance of me joining hte test programm of For Honor,please let me know, i will be very glad to share my feelings and feedback about the game in most calm and reasonable way.
Wish you Best luck - Elifas.