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    Does anyone think this could be a Esports game?

    I'd love to see if this game can become a Esports, gamebattles, etc, game. I'd love to create strategic game plans with clan mates and take over the battlefield for all to see.
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    It could be possible yes, if there is a spectation mode. Not usre if it would be popular tho, maybe.
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    It definitely has the right pace and depth to make it enjoyable for spectators.
    But we'll still have to see how well they'll do the spectator camera and how you'll be able to organize private matches.
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    Well Ubisoft does fund the R6: Siege ESL Play/Pro tournaments, so I wouldn't doubt that this game is being tinkered around the idea of becoming an Esports lineup.
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    Bio somewhat addressed this question during the gamescom Q&A.

    It really boils down to taking things one step at a time. Good initial release, decent amount of lasting interest, large enough player base, good balance, etc etc.

    This means that you can influence the opportunity as a player! Ask questions, have discussions, get the name out there, give feedback, promote ideas! It's really an exciting time to be a part of the community of such an ambitious and rather unique style of game.
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