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    Bought Syndicate on Steam, but what exactly did I buy?

    I bought Syndicate on Steam about a week ago - just the base game, or so I thought (at least that's what I paid for). When I then played it, the game told me that the Season Pass was also installed, and several other things were "purchased" - fine by me, but I'm confused.

    Under E-STORE > BUY ADD-ONS I have the following list:
    Season Pass - Installed
    Jack the Ripper - Purchased
    Steampunk Pack - Purchased
    Victorian Legends Pack - Purchased
    The Last Maharaja Missions Pack - Purchased
    Streets of London Pack - Installed

    So now I've finished the game, and the Streets of London content was there, the Long Night mission as well. What about Jack, the Maharaja, and the two gear packs? If I have inexplicably 'purchased' them, how do I activate them? If I can't, that's fine - I didn't pay for them so I'm not complaining.

    Any help, or simply an explanation, would be appreciated.
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    Maharaja missions come up as S icons on the map (first is in the west side of Westminster).

    Jack The Ripper has its own entry in the main menu, and is a separate game within Syndicate with its own save file.

    Steampunk pack and Victorian Legends should be in Inventory > Outfits. Evie and Jacob have different outfits. They unlock at different stages of the game. If I remember rightly, Evie can start wearing the Bloofer Lady (Dracula referencing) outfit from the moment she steps into London, but Jacob's Maximum Dracula suit doesn't unlock until much later (after Sequence 8 completes).

    You can look up guides online for "creed syndicate unlock outfits" to find out how you get each one.
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