As part of our effort to bring the community closer to the Dev team and reinforce constructive discussions we are introducing Agent Intel. In this new sub forum, we will create regular threads to pick your brains on different topics and gather your immediate feedback.

You’ll find three main topics here.

  • Open Discussions: An opportunity for us to hone in on a certain topic and allow the community to constructively discuss everything about it.

  • Polls: Quick and immediate feedback through focused polls with predefined choices. These polls will also be open for discussion as well.

  • Theory Crafting: We will present certain scenarios and ask you to come up with your best solution to them, for example, your best solo Dark Zone build or the best group setup for Challenge Mode Dragon’s Nest.

All forms of feedback are encouraged as long as they remain constructive and adhere to the forum rules. With your help we will be able to provide a better experience for everyone in Update 1.4 and beyond.

Thanks for your help!

The Division Dev team