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    agree 6 was my favorite in recent times … sanctuary was also my favorite faction loved the dynasty stuff from 6 and loved the story options that being said think we would need all factions mentioned plus sanctuary to make people happy - need a map editor no level caps and dynasty gear put back in made it fun unlocking new gear to use in skrims against friends ect also option to turn dynasty gear on or off when hosting to make people who didn't like it happy - also I personally loved the options in 5 for unit upgrades gave you more options and units to experiment and play around with also added more replay value would love to see more unit options, and the choices of tears vs blood where great made you feel you could be more unique and customize your hero more.. if they do go forward hopefully they can build a game we can be proud off … also on map editor have a option to randomly generate maps like in older games adds a lot more replay value to game.
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    I hope, some people from ubi still read it. And such a legendary game is not quite dead. As for me i started playing homm in 90s (2 and 3) and didn't follow the progress of the game for last 10 years. It was very sad to see it in such a state. Maybe some other players won't share my opinion, but I have such ideas
    1) HOMM is a stratigic game, even more its time-based stratigic, so a player shoul have an oppotunity to choose in every aspect of the game, in each small step, and the choice should be pretty difficult, not evedent, the player has pretty much time on take dessisions, and all the game is actually about this dessision. Don't simplify the game as you did it in 6. If you still want to bring some simplifying features (like easy-gettable town portal) to the game so it can be more attractive to new players, do it available only for low difficulty games. But i think you just better do good tutorial and intoduction company for this purpose. Much of replayability of the game (and classical 3 and 5 are fantasticly replayable, and its definetyly huge advantage of HOMM) depends on this complexity of choise
    2) i didn't play 6 at the start, so my view maybe not quite right. But if you make some online features of the game, don't look at free-to-play asian RPG. I guess big part of your core fans - its middleaged europians and americans. Respect them and give them and oppotunity to play equal game, it shoul be more about skill of the player, not about how much time he spends in the game (i'm talking about dynasty weapons). If you want to make ingame store, make it such a way it won't affect the gameplay, sell something about the looks, skins.
    3) if you want improve the game inprove online mods first off all. You can make storyline campanies or just scenarios for ally mode, so players who are interested just to follow the story in the game against AI have to do it in cooperation with other players (besides many players who started playing 2 or 3 with hotseat, played ally maps). It can look a bit like raid in mmo rpg game. You should think threw new mods for pvp game, classical game takes too much time, duel doesn't represent the whole gameplay. Maybe you should look at tournament mission (1st one) for Realag in 5 and search for inspiration there. Like players have cirtain amount of real-time and in-game time to built up the here and they can even play this part offline, and the meat and play tournament.

    I and I really hope that you won't give up such a franscise, because it's proplems and fails were caused not by bad idea of the game, but just by poor implimentation
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