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    What operating system are you on? There have been a bunch of issues with High Sierra. I think people have workarounds, but it's a challenge. Also, are you running windows via bootcamp yet?
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    How do I switch between Ascending and Descending sort orders ON THE PC?

    I've been playing RS for a while now and I'd love to play nonstop sorted by mastery, playing first the songs that I have mastered the least. Or play by "last played", playing first those that I last played the longest ago. But I don't know how to change the sort list, I don't see any indication as to how, the only option I seem to have available is exactly the opposite of what I want. :$ So I saw this question in the FAQ and got excited... only to find out that the answer is specific for consoles. How do I do that on the PC?
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    Hi, could you add possiblitiy to custiomize string colors?
    I keep confusing the two blue strings (I literaly see them as one color, even when I tried the colorblind mode), and that really bothers me.
    I also often don't see the violet notes, so it would help if I could set it to color that would better contrast with the background.
    Also if I could filter songs by parameters like tuning, length, year and such.
    Also also, it would be nice if you incorporated some kind of index, so that game would not scan for songs every time I launch the game. (It should be possible, Clone Hero already has it)
    Thanks, really love Rocksmith 2014 Remastered
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    Originally Posted by bsb5045 Go to original post
    Do you guys not make bands like Slipknot and Korn DLC because of the drop b tuning for bass or is it too hard to get? I know this is not the song request thread, and I'm not whining, just asking.
    I've seen the same question many times in a number of different places, and the official answer is that there are certain steps to making a Rocksmith compatible song, which if any one part is not available, it cannot be done.

    First, when anybody requests a song on the official request webpage form, the developers will try to find the guitar tabs, chord sheets, staff music for vocals, the lyrics, etc. All are needed for the different parts required for official DLC. If any part is missing, then they would not have enough information to make it possible.

    Secondly, and often the biggest roadblock is that after making sure they have all necessary parts of the song, they must track down the owner of the licensing rights and ask permission and see how much it would cost per copy, for the song. Some artists simply say "no", other times, some may demand more money per-copy than what Rocksmith songs can reasonably be sold for. It can only become an official Rocksmith DLC song when all parts are available and the licensing costs are within reason, and the artist agrees for it to be done.
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    Not really an answer to your question, but I too started with the PS3 version when it was new, then upgraded to owning a PS4. My biggest complaint was simply that there were no free downloads of previously purchased content, no backward compatibility, and not even the tiniest of discounts for anything already paid for on the PS3. So I decided to instead "future proof" my purchases (especially since the rumors had already started of discontinuing PS3 support and development), so I purchased Rocksmith 2014 for PC through Steam, instead. It was the best decision that I made, as it uses the same Realtone cable I bought for PS3, comes with the same included songs, and also allows for developing my own music into "custom DLC" using available applications.

    I strongly recommend switching to PC, if your computer can handle it. In my case, it runs much smoother, has much more flexibility in selecting audio outputs, allows me to use my screen recorder if I choose, and with me being on a laptop also means much more portable. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of spending money on tracks that you'd have to buy all over again in the future when your current console decides to upgrade or becomes obsolete.

    Also, although I cannot confirm it, since I put away my PS3 long ago, but at the time that Rocksmith 2014 Remastered was released, I noticed some of the mentioned features had suddenly appeared in a software update on the PS3 version, so I suspect that you get the upgrade automatically, but it doesn't include the new tracks mentioned for the Remastered version. So even though it still has the original name without "Remastered", it's the same game core and features.
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