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    Patch 2.0 changelog

    Hello Heroes,

    Today, we would like to announce the availability of Patch 2.0.

    Here are some highlights which Patch 2.0 includes;

    • New council hub
    • Replay of intro, outros, RTCs, cinematics in Extras
    • In-game RMG
    • Skillwheel 2.0
    • Numerous localization fixes
    • AI balancing and constant work on improving the stability of MP
    • Various improvements.

    As always, downloading this new update is automatic on both Uplay and Steam. Should this for whatever reason not happen, please then make use of the Verify files feature on either platform, which should then start the download.


    • Right click functions as left click in different situations throughout the game
    • Adding raised creatures to army resets the army configuration in combat
    • [Combat] Applying Namtaru's Dark Touch to Plague Lamasu will make Aura of Pesilence apliable to undeads and constructs, resulting in the combat being stuck when damaging the immune units with the said Aura
    • Axeoth Edric (Haven) has name changed to Zambu in hero bio
    • [Lost Tales 5] Player cannot recruit the Creature 'Juggernaut' from the neutral Dwelling
    • [Duel][FightAgain] When choosing "fight again" in duel mode, both dueling heroes will be replaced by Hero "Ivan"
    • [DuelvsAI][Ancient Behemoth] The game crashes on Ancient Behemoth's turn if the creature is controlled by an AI
    • Earthquake Earth Knowledge 3 - Enemy units do not take double damage
    • Diplomacy Skill - Diplomatic immunity not working
    • Bloodrage - Bursting rage does not work
    • Hero is able to cast unlimited amount of times if haunting plague is cast first
    • [Combat] The animation becomes offset for the enemy creatures affected by the Time Control spell
    • [Sylvan][Skills/Abilities] Targeting of ability 'Entangling Roots' of Champion creature Ancient Treant is incorrect
    • Shadow image create an incorrect amount of clones
    • Preemptive retaliation works against face of fear and behemots skill
    • Grim Reaper fatal strike takes effect even on miss
    • Debuff added by djinn channeller attack will trigger magic touch twice.
    • [Skills & Abilities] Ability 'Soldering Hands' does not have any functionality on applying it on the constructs
    • Eternal servitude - Skill is not triggered on the last strike of the combat
    • Fickle magic - Skill does not protect from debuffs
    • Spell Poison Cloud - No damage dealt to units immediately or to units entering
    • Heal - Dead units are not resurrected
    • Regeneration spell heals more than it should
    • [Global][Manual Combat] Negative buffs from Djinn Channeler's 'Magic Touch' and Simurgh's 'Arcane Wings' do not reduce enemy creatures 'Attack' and 'Defense' stats
    • Legionnaire shielding is not considered in the damage prediction during combat
    • [Global] Incorrect information is displayed in the tooltip of spell 'Fire Bolt' after upgrading to 'Cast as Master'
    • Medusa mesmerize not working
    • Defensive Stance triggers even when unit used an active skill.
    • Dark hydra life drain resurrects too many units
    • Imperial Griffins can dive attack out of the grid.
    • Attack on morale turn after using feral charge does not trigger retaliation on the silverback
    • Destroyed Portals, channels, stairs or whirlpools are working in certain conditions
    • It can happen that the hero unlearns all spells and skills
    • [Global][Manual Combat][Fortification] Title crashes in manual combat after opening the gate in fortified wall of town/fort
    • [Manual Combat] Unable to start the combat after splitting the creatures on army deploy screen in hot seat mode
    • Magic guild specializations do not guarantee spells from that school
    • Possible to recruit new units even though all slots are occupied
    • Centaur gets unlimited attacks when attacking in melee
    • [Skills/Abilities][Ranged Retaliation] The creature Abbot does not range retaliate from the 2nd round of the combat against a warfare unit
    • [Skills/Abilities][Magic Immunity] Creatures with Magic Immunity can be targeted by a Sylvan hero's Mark of the Avenger ability
    • Tactics phase - warfare units can be placed even though there is no more space
    • Tsunami spell moves the units outside the battlefield
    • Wrong magic power tooltip in hero stats
    • Simurghs now apply their debuff after ending their turn even when teleported.
    • Several external dwellings (not just tan player) do not match town types on Savage Seas
    • Dark touch of Necropolis Warfare unit does not work
    • Bad morale is rolled out twice if a creature waits
    • Resuurection spell (light magic) has unlimited regeneration effect instead of 3 turns.
    • Namtaru dark touch does not kill enemy units
    • Units with cleave apply fire mantle on enemy unit during second strike of retaliation
    • Asha's hourglass debuff remains on your hero even if you have taken the enemy city
    • Casting stage remains on the enemy's hero even after taking his town
    • Casting stage - Fast units able to move even though they get time slow
    • Lightning burst damages all enemies if mouse is not moved after cast
    • Siege combat - Towers will shoot enemies with fog shroud
    • Ancient behemoths (controlled by AI) try to jump on a wrong target and loose their turn


    • [Global][Governor] The governor gets reset after performing a save/load
    • [Hero Window- Save/Load] Some abilities dissapear after save load when random skilling
    • Save load - hero keeps spells learned by artifacts
    • [Scenario][Lone Wolf] An extra governor ability is observed after performing a save/load


    • Editor - Units in the army are displayed incorrectly on the map
    • Simple mode editor removes heroes from armies
    • [Editor] The creatures added to Hero 1's army are displayed in Hero 2's property if Hero 2 is placed on the map after changing Hero 1's properties
    • Editor - Map properties are blank on the first opening
    • [Editor] The Editor crashes on opening the Publish on Steam option


    • Unload All button in the caravan outpost has no functionality
    • [Menu] Game crashes on turning ON/OFF dynamic shadows
    • [Duel] [Retaliate] Incorrect information for "Retaliate" is displayed in tooltip in duel combat
    • [Heropedia] The heropedia page for the neutral creatures Kraken and Lizardman is not present
    • [Crash] Game crashes in adventure map after visiting the observatory and turning the dynamic shadows off and on in a certain way
    • [Deployment Phase][Global] Opening Heropedia page during deployment phase and returning to the combat map will result in the deploy button to disappear
    • [GUI] The extended tool-tip for the artifact giving hero damage per level is missing
    • [Combat] Tooltips are missing for walls, gates and towers of a town during combat
    • [Global][Caravan Outpost] Non functional army split option is present in caravan outpost while in visiting slot
    • [GUI][Random skilling] debug texts are shown in the tool tips of master abilities
    • [GUI] After using 'Try to unload all' only one caravan gets unloaded instead of all available caravans
    • Cannot assign hybrid warmachines
    • [HUD] The two buttons that allow the user to cycle through his towns and forts, are not greyed out when the user owns only one Town
    • Wilheml had wrong stats in heropedia
    • [Global] User cannot navigate using mouse and keyboard arrow keys in the adventure map after accessing garrison gate
    • Dungeon is able to send 3 out of 2 spies
    • [HUD] Mouse wheel for Scroll is not functional on Map selection screen in Adventure mode
    • [HUD] [Combat] When toggling on HP bars they show 100%


    • [Global][Skills & Abilities] Game gets stuck if enemy A.I has creature Centaur Marauder and it uses the ability 'Mobile Shooter' under certain circumstances
    • Enemy AI creatures will not navigate around obstacles in combat
    • [WTB][Dungeon_02] Enemy AI gets stuck with the combat after attacking garrison on the upper layer of map
    • [WTB][AM_Haven_Map3] The game gets stuck on AI's turn after passing the 2nd day in Haven_map 3
    • [Global][Combat] Surrender/Flee option is not used by the AI heroes or neutral creatures during a combat
    • [AI behaviour][Global] AI caravans appear to stack up incorrectly in front of the town
    • [AdventureMap] The AI will never attempt to discover the Tear of Asha
    • [AI] AI does not use the trading post


    • [Multiplayer] [Out of Sync] Game goes out of sync during manual combat with enemy town
    • [Multiplayer] The lobby is not visible to Uplay friends
    • [Multiplayer] [Caravan] [Stuck] Game gets stuck when player tries to initiate a combat with enemy caravan
    • [Multiplayer] The game gets stuck when creatures in the core dwellings are upgraded
    • [Multiplayer][Caravan Outpost] Entering caravan outpost opens the outpost window for all remaining players
    • [Multiplayer][Caravan Outpost] Game gets stuck on the waiting screen on attacking an enemy’s caravan outpost
    • [Multiplayer] Adventure map timer remains stuck on zero if the trading screen is open when the timer runs out
    • [Multiplayer][Manual Combat] Enemy garrison is considered as 'Neutral army' during manual combat


    • [AM_Final_Map1] Game gets stuck on the turn of ally hero 'Muzarel' after completing the quest 'The Meeting'
    • Stronghold campaign map 2 - After fighting shani the camera zooms out too far and the game replays what happened
    • [Scenario][Level Design] The artifacts Boots of the Wayfarer and the Chest of Endless Gold is missing from the maps Bloodpact and Yeshtar's Promise
    • [Lost Tales 1 map4] Caravan is appeared as placeholder in the Lost tales 04 map
    • [Stronghold 02] Player gets defeated and map ends if the player has spent 1 month and 1 week
    • Stronghold Map 4 - Game can get stuck if your hero stays on the bridge
    • [Haven][Map 2] Primary quest 'Lady Redshield' remains incomplete if the first two objectives of 'The Hammer Fall' quest are completed before it
    • [Savage Sea] The external dwellings of the 5th, 6th and the 7th players do not match their respective town's factions
    • [La Segadora] The external dwelling of the town at position 3 does not match the faction
    • Scenario map Timber wars does not end after all the 3 heroes are defeated in battle
    • [Campaign][Am_Final_Map1] Unable to recruit Griffin/Imperial Griffin from the dwelling located near the Prison Tower
    • [Sylvan 03] The barricade which protects the 'Altar of Elrath' does not disappear even after burning the 'Blue Lurthil Bush'
    • [Lost Tales 02] Movements points become zero on triggering the scripted event on the bridge
    • [LT2_01] After repairing the spirit gate, movement points of Dogwoggle will not be reduced to 0
    • Savage sea - External dwelling of player 8 not matching the faction
    • [LT2][Quests] 'Quests' do not get completed in Lost Tales 2
    • Lost tales 3 closing cinematic missing


    The M&M Team
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    Hey, i got a problem with this patch as for some reason the download does not start for me :/ Neither through uplay autopatch nor through verifying files.

    I even reinstalled the game but it still says v1.8 in the main menu

    Help would be appreciated
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    Hey guys I have a problem with updating to v 2.0 I tried the recommend method as stated and I quote this below.
    I tried a few times but no success I just noticed a few code core stuff being updated DX 6, C++ and a few others for 5 or 6 minutes but then it just launches 1.8.
    "As always, downloading this new update is automatic on both Uplay and Steam. Should this for whatever reason not happen, please then make use of the Verify files feature on either platform, which should then start the download."
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    Same here, base game on uPlay is still 1.8, 2.0 is not installing at all, even after scanning the files.
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    Just logged in and the patch updated fine here...almost missed it since it was a line at top and I expected a window to open asking. Haven't seen where to buy the expansion yet on UPlay but at least I can see if most of the bugs are fixed before I buy. If you start the game you will know right off it is updated to 2.0...whole new look.
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    Hi IBlubbiI, polarizer70, Szymciacho, are you still having this issue? this may have been because the Uplay version was not released at the time you were trying. Please try again now that it is.

    Please let us know if you still have an issue.

    UnoPoo, you can purchase here http://store.ubi.com/uk/might-and-magic

    Kind Regards
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    The game is still unplayable, a lot of bugs with out of sinc, i cant play with my friends more then 3-4 weeks, we have to load and load and load, and then it just cant help and we end game. Dont want buy new dlc if we still cant play together, terrible, waited this patch, but u....disappointe me again.
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    Meet more bugs: light magic resurrection(from dead) block units abilities, justiciars ability does not work well, warfare units disappearing after each battle. Also light magic healing became too weak
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    Please announce when you come out with patch 2.1 that eliminates out of sync problems in multiplayer and combat freeze. Update the spell book to show accurate spell damage when the hero got artifacts that boost the spellpower. Increase the intelligence off the AI.

    This is still a broken game that you sell, after one year..
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    These are actually not full patch notes. It does not include any information about warfares improvements or flanking improvements. It would be very helpful if anyone finds a time do prepare really full patch notes.
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