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    Rainbow 6 Suggestion Box

    Just a wishlist.

    Some things I'd like to see in the game:

    -Post match "Renown" total (annoying to have to quit to see total Renown or wait till next match)
    -Quicker menu (annoying to set up all your ops equipment after accumulating Renown)
    -Ability to show team loadouts (equipment/weapons) at character select screen
    -Mag based ammunition counter (no bullet-pool)
    -Improved chat functions (chat log, chat mute, etc.)

    Some ideas I have for gametypes:

    -Hostage Bomb: The hostage is wearing a bombsuit that can be disarmed, or the hostage can be escorted outside.
    -Moving Hostage: The hostage can be moved to different locations, however, when moving the hostage, the hostage can be seen on the compass.
    -Holdout: The defending team has extra time to prepare, and the attacking team starts with drones after a certain period of time. The defenders must survive the attack.

    Additional modes:

    -Hardcore: Neither team has additional time to prepare. Hud elements are concealed.
    -Mutators: Dev inspired mutators for games, that alter the matchmaking for a period of time.

    Please add to the discussion as you see fit, the more ideas, the better
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    I've seen on french forum that showing team loadout will be implemented in next patch that's a good point !

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    How about hybrid objectives? Like one bomb and one hostage in different places on the map BUT both need to be completed.

    Or bomb with a shorter time limit because the goal is to defuse a biological/chemical weapon... not play TDM (hopefully this would force player to PTFO instead of taking 6 minutes to breach)
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    Bring jager's acog back we will never forget about him

    Bring it back we will fight strong let the riot begin!
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    The only thing i want in rainbow six siege at this moment is a replay system like CSGOs "overwatch" system where you review matches where experienced players can watch and judge players who get reported a lot, it would solve the teamkilling issue, the "toxicity" issue AND the cheating issue
    well maybe not solve it but definitely lessen the instances where people teamkill for fun and people who blatantly cheat

    Thats all i want for christmas from ubi
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    holy necro
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    Originally Posted by N3mB0t Go to original post
    holy necro
    Why does it matter if its a necrod thread if the subject is still valid?
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    Suggestion for team killing

    Originally Posted by Incidently Go to original post
    Why does it matter if its a necrod thread if the subject is still valid?
    I was carrying my team on Rank but accidentally team killed my friend at the beginning and towards the end, causing me to be kicked from the match. I suggest that it should be optional for the player who has died from a TK to be allowed to vote on whether the Team Killer should be kicked or not.
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    I think a gamemode like the original rainbow six release trailer would be cool, maybe even just for house to see what the game would have been like if Ubisoft had gone ahead with that style of game.

    Also, as a buff for castle, maybe his armour panels (since they are quite bad) could go all the way down to the floor so it stops drones from going underneath them and getting intel or spotting the objective - might make him more useful and valuable on a team. Also he could have another panel because three on maps with lots of windows or doors is useless
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    There must be different modes \m/
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