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    I am confused

    Hello there,

    I have download the Demo TOTRB to beat the game and get the full game. But I dont know how many levels I have to beat to get the game? Some say just the first two levels and others say the hole game.
    So here is my question, what are the conditions to unlock the fullgame?

    Kindly regards
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    Hello TIG_Plissken,

    Apologies for the confusion. There are more than just two levels and you have a total of 15 lives. At the moment, there are some technical issues with the demo version of Trials of the Blood Dragon. The problem is that users are not getting connected to our servers properly, so they don't get the 15 global lives and access a version limited to two levels only.

    Our team is investigating further though. For further details and updates on this, please see this thread.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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