*I want everyone to know about this awesome streamer Ogsmokz his channel link is twitch.tv/ogsmokz Apparently he is only on twitch and also has a twitter account @ogsmokz1 .This dude literally streams everyday and he streams like zillions of different games. I have seen him stream Roblox, Neverwinter, Smite, Division, 7 days to Die, and the latest game he has been on is Overwatch.

It seems this dude streams like 8-10 hours a day. He plays well on the games. His game play is really funny. Its almost like watching a mime. Not only that I stay entertained during his streams because everytime he gets a new follower I see Taylor Swift falling on her face. LOL. He has the funniest follower alert I have ever seen on any stream. Also on his streams he has a song request feature that lets his followers request music. I just chill, watch good game play of all the different games he plays so I can decide if I want to buy a game or not. He plays a bunch of cool music during his streams. I mean these are songs I never heard of, but I love them now. This stream has opened my eyes and made me a better person.

I am so addicted to this dudes stream. I watch it everyday. I am his biggest fan. So I am writing this blog to tell everyone to go watch his channel. He is on everyday and he never lets me down.

Best explanation of his channel so far I figured out there are some commands like to request a song you have to type !sr name of song and artist or a youtube link. It works great, its like a search engine it searches for the music I want to request. I can also see the current song playing by typing !currentsong . There is also a command called !nextsong that shows what the next song is playing and if you're lucky enough to get moderator of his chat you can skip songs with !skipsong .He also has games you can play in chat roulette, 8ball, seppuku, lovemeter. To play these games you have to use these commands !8ball and question, !seppuku, !love and username, and !roulette . His chat is always very lively. It keeps you entertained. Also the trolls keep you entertained. Its fun to watch someone so famous and so many people know him. In my eyes he's the true MC.

So I recommend everyone to go check his channel out at twitch.tv/ogsmokz and leave him a follow and send him a message saying that you are following him because of me so hopefully he will talk to me. I love you Ogsmokz <3 <3 <3 <3 I also love Siracha sauce like you do I hope you see my blog because I'm your biggest fan.