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    Demo is bugged ? No full Version ? NO ITS NO BUG UBISOFT just kidding us

    I think ubisoft is just marketing, saying now "oh the demo is broken - sorry- u cannot get the full game because there is a bug"

    how stupid would ubisoft be to release a demo of a game AFTER ( !!!) its release without testing it, letting the demo online even days after they put it online, knowing there is a bug, but still making marketing with the promise to get the full game free if u beat the demo in less then 16 faults ?

    Tell me, How stupid would that be ?

    No.no one can be that stupid, Ubisoft just wanted us to try the demo - and then hopefully to buy it.

    Its just marketing but hey ubisoft now i know u just want our money so i will think twice to buy one of your game ( aka #watchdogs2 , ghost recon )
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    Hello there Moonship85,

    we are currently experiencing an issue with the demo version. We'll keep you posted in this thread as soon as we have an update on the situation.

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