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    Two step verification only once per computer

    Dear Ubisoft.

    I find the current system (have to get your phone every time you restart uplay) to be annoying and frustrating.
    Also I would ask that you not log me out of uplay just when I quit uplay, but instead when I specifically say "log out".
    I should be able to remain logged in without any need of credentials as long as I am on the same computer, even if I restart said computer.
    That being said, I understand some people prefer it this way, in which case, let the user have options like "auto log out on process end: yes/no"

    I really do think that two step verification is very important but there is a time when it becomes too safe and less useful.
    (I will also say that I'm happy that you allow us to use google authenticator instead of a third party app, that's really cool and understanding.

    So yeah, thanks, but still not perfect

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    We are looking into providing a "remember me" feature in which you can save a device as trusted so that you don't need to enter authentication codes when logging in from that device.

    Thanks for your feedback!
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    Where is this feature?

    Ok, you require 2Factor to be turned on to play ranked in Siege but yet I can mark my computer as a trusted device from the UPlay Launcher? Am I missing something?
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    Trusted device feature does not work

    Logging in on a PC, I tick the box for a trusted device. A verification code is requested every time I start UPlay.
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    Same here, it's like it's not remembering devices even though the box is checked.
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    Even if my PC is in the trusted devices I always (or half of the times some days) have to re-enter the 2-step verfificication. It's so frustrating and annoying, being forced to use Uplay and entering my credentials everytime. Fix this. It's been going on for too long.
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    For the pas few weeks I've also noticed I have to enter my Verification code everytime I start Uplay, doesn't matter if it's manually or i've set it to start on Windows. The remember me function doesn't work at all it seems. Please fix this!
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    2fa trust device is broken

    Yeah, its annoying every single time, and now if I check "trust this device" on the launcher and put in my code, it saids its a invalid code, but if i uncheck it and put in the SAME exact code, its valid and lets me in, their system is pretty broken
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    happening to me since I changed motherboard..even though i check the trusted device box it asks me every single time
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    We may need to see your log files so we can investigate why this happening. You can find details on how to provide these here.

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