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    How do I find the Helix Rift Guide in Unity?

    You know the ghost assassin that drops some data and whose score you try to beat? How do you make him appear? I've played the Helix Rifts dozens of painstaking times and I've completed everything else in the game. I need to beat the guide's score for a Uplay Action but it just refuses to appear on my PS4. I've scoured online but can't find any answers- it just simply appears for most people once they've unlocked the rifts.
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    I can't remember exactly how to do it! But I do remember that there should be an Option in the pause menu. If it's off, turning on the Helix Rift Guide should make him appear. Not sure if the ps4 needs to be signed into psn.... I think so.

    I'll try to double check.
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