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    Error in the description for the Season pass PS4, for latinamerica / spanish

    Hello , I recently bough the season pass for Watch dogs, to play on my PS4.
    however I was not able to download the full content, I only got Bad blood.

    I purchased it with my costa rican account, I reside here,
    but there is an error in the store, in the description as you can see in the image I attached,
    they do include everything you should get along with the season pass, you can clearly see and compare .

    I highlighted the main words , that is for the content I didn't get .
    That's a shame for me since I am a fan of this game, I am looking forward to buy the sequel.

    I hope I can get a resolution from ubisoft. Since I already tried to contact PSN support, they told me that the company in this case Ubisoft wrote the description and that I should contact you guys, I also wrote to ubisoft latin america , regard it .

    So basically I paid $19.99 and I got Bad Blood, because of an error with the description in the PSN store, regarding the content I would be getting.

    I have another US account for PSN , which is my main account ,
    when I go to add ons for Watchdogs I see that only the conspiracy trip is $4.99 ,
    and the rest of the add ons are there as well , but I don't plan on paying for that again.


    screenshot from ps4

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    The Season Pack does actually contain all of the content listed in the description. I am not sure about PS4 specifics, but I assume the steps will be similar to the PC version which I listed below.

    To check the additional content you have installed, check in your Main Menu >> Additional Content >> Acquired Content. You should see something like this:
    Spoiler:  Show

    If that is the case, you will have the additional content. Extra missions will be unlocked when you reach a certain point in in the campaign. The Conspiracy game is unlocked from the beginning in your digital trips app on your phone.

    If that is not the case, I'd make sure you have installed the DLC correctly by following the steps for the PS4. If that still does not give you access to the in game content, you might want to get in touch with Support by opening a ticket as they rarely answer the forums.

    Best of luck!
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    screenshot from my ps4

    thank you very much for your reply,

    I took this screenshot just now to show you the content I am missing

    I did created a ticket , they sent me a case number, i hope i get some kind of resolution

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