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    Unlocking playable classes

    In one of the community reporter's interview's with Jason Vandenburghe, Phatt Gaming's, Jason made a comment I thought was rather interesting on the game's system of progression. Around the 5 and half minute mark of the video (found here: https://youtu.be/mI8CNuCxUys?t=330), Jason states that through the progression, players gain XP, get gear and stuff, and, what I specifically want to talk about, unlock characters. I want to speculate a system where at the end of each game, players get a currency based on the faction (or factions) they played that allows them to purchase new classes from the factions they earned currency for. I think this would help players show their devotion to a faction while still letting them play the classes they want to play, instead of some classes being locked away till the higher levels. Players would feel a sense of achievement when they unlock that class they've been saving up for. What are some systems you think should be implemented for unlocking characters?
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    Blurg. Currency systems aren't my cup of tea. I think skins/loot/gear/classes should be earned though completion of specific challenges, or with something like classes where there are a limited number...buying the game for 60$ you shouldn't have to grind your *** off to unlock one of said characters, that should come more easily. Also currency systems these days almost always come along with paid currency systems.
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