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    Exclusive "Orbit" Update preliminary test! Apply for a testing spot (test ended)

    Dear Anno Fans!

    The preliminary fan tests for the Veteran's Pack and Big Five Pack were a huge success.
    The diligent testers gave valuable feedback and helped the dev Team to release great updates.
    The next update will be tested before release in cooperation with community members as well.

    The winners of the Anno Day and Cross Community Event are already part of the test group.

    Additionally to that, 10 more Anno fans can win a spot in the test.

    How does it work?

    • Spots - This time there are 10 testing spots, you can apply for.
    • Application - You want to join? Apply on the forums! Details are listed below.

    • Playtest Start - Monday, 27th of June (presumably)
    • Playtest End - Wednesday, 13th of July (presumably)
    • Playtest Location - You can test it from the comfort of your own home and you can allocate your time however your prefer!

    • Feedback - Tell us anything, not just tricky aspects or bugs. Suggestions are welcome as well!
    • Language - The game is available in the same languages as the original version. Feedback will be collected in English.

    • Confidentiality
      The requirements include, besides being at least 18 years old, signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This means you may not distribute any information, screenshots, videos or similar things.

    Application & Selection

    • Deadline - Monday, 20th of June 2016 (inclusive)
    • Who? - Any Anno 2205 player who is at least 18 years old can apply once.
    • Selection - The Ubisoft/Blue Byte-Team will select the participants based on all correct applications provided in time.

    • How candidates will be contacted
      The chosen participants will be contacted by the community team via email. Please check beforehand if your Uplay email is correct. You will be informed about the next steps, communication channels, access to the test version and the feedback procedures. There is no general entitlement to participate.

      As soon as all e-mails have been sent to the chosen candidates, the Community-Team posts a brief status update on the forums to let all applicants know when to check for mails .

    Good luck to all applicats!
    Your Anno 2205-Team
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    The application phase ended - How do we proceed?

    Greetings, Anno fans!

    Thank you for the many contributions!
    10 additional test slots were available in the forums. More than 70 community members applied to get hold of one.
    On top of that, two players were able to get entrance to the fan test via two Community Events.

    Status Update

    • The application period is now over and the application thread was closed accordingly.
    • The candidates were selected, all e-mails were sent. Please make sure to check your e-mail inbox
    • The testers will not be named, to ensure they can test the update with as few distractions as possible.
    • Presumably, the test will start next mid-week (CW 26).
    • More info to follow.

    Your Anno team
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    Recap Of The Preliminary Fan Test (ORBIT)

    Dear Anno Fans.

    The preliminary fan test for the "ORBIT" DLC just ended. Again, several members of our community spent a lot of time with testing and providing feedback. Last Wednesday, testers and the team met for a final call to talk about their experiences and it was also an opportunity to ask questions . Today, we want to share the first recap posts from the participants. More will follow shortly
    Unfortunately, we can't publish screenshots before the release. We will add them on release day, of coure.

    Thanks again to all fans who helped testing! Your participation level was very high and the feedback really valuable!

    Numbers, Data, Facts

    • 7 different nationalities were represented by the participants
    • Around 900 hours were spent in this test. Incredible!
    • 161 threads and around 400 posts were created

    What is next?

    The test is over.
    The team provided a couple of test version updates that implemented more and more feedback made by testers.

    DLC Release
    The release of "ORBIT" is planned for 20th of July.
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    Recaps from testers

    Impressions from test participants

    (Click on the images to enlarge them.)

    Originally Posted by NoNamedAssassi
    First of all, i would like to send a big thanks to all the devs for making this happen. This was an incredible experience, to be a part of this. For others thinking about doing this. Go for it... I would do it all again without hesitation, The devs are there for all of us Anno fans and no question is too small or BIG.

    Another thanks to the other participants. Being able to follow some of your work and how you did things. Also very helpful.
    Enough about that. Let´s get to the ORBIT part:
    • ORBIT becomes available at level 200...... Of course not... Bad joke
    • In the ORBIT DLC, your corporation will get the chance to build your very own space station.
      And then you will have to train astronauts to go there.
    • A space station where you can unlock different technologies in a tech tree.
      Technologies that can change your corporation quite a lot.

    This DLC will open a lot of new possibilities to the gameplay. I feel like this is going the game more replayability because you can choose to do more things different. I loved playing around and building different space stations that suited the needs for my different corporations.

    What i liked:
    • You can unlock all technologies, BUT you can´t have all of them active.
      YOU have to choose what is best for your corporation.
    • The technologies that gives you a steady income of rare materials.
      And especially the removal of the 999 cap limit.
    • Trying to build a space station where all the modules i needed ran at max efficiency etc.
      and still make it look good.

    Hope i did not spoil too much for you guys. It will be here soon. I will be waiting with you.

    Originally Posted by Lunartix1
    Hi , every one I would like to share my experience in the ORBIT DLC. I need to say it's awesome to be a tester of this not because I have a chance to play before others but It is a very good DLC.Thank you to the DEV TEAM that chose me to be the tester. I appreciate that. DEV Team care every detail in this and do it with all their heart.

    OK. Let's begin

    First I have to say about the a little guy and his cute voice A.D.A.M. He is your assistant when you start the game with the ORBIT DLC.

    As you know it. This DLC will bring you to the space in ORBITAL level that you will build your Lab to research and develop your Corporation in anyways you choose. Technology have 5 mains line like Big5 such as energy agriculture biotech electronics heavy industries you have to manage what you want to boost in your corp. because you can unlock all of them but you cannot active them all and I like this part of that because we have to decide which way will boost your corp. most. An tech tree will tell you what you want to boost.

    Laboratory need scientist to operate that you need to recruit them and send to your space station. This is where you will send them to space to do their work.

    Guys, this DLC will boost your performance of production that will make you can increase your residence revenue even improve your Fleet in conflict zone and many things that I won't tell you in this recap post because it's too many. Many things is improved in this DLC not especially Orbit content such as your special resource is unlimited in this DLC and I appreciate that much so we won't have to see the number of 999 anymore haha.

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    Recaps from testers - Part 2

    Impressions from the German testers

    (Click on the images to enlarge them.)

    Originally Posted by Yandayn2802
    ORBIT enables players to build their own space station where they can research a multitude of different and powerful technologies.

    You can access a vast range of technologies in the research center, the NEXUS.

    In addition to projects that increase production in your workshops, you will also discover new technologies to make your war fleet even more formidable in areas of conflict.
    You can also use the relevant technologies to boost collection of rare raw materials and resources significantly.

    Other technologies may affect the Big Five and the stock market; the Orbit DLC has something for everyone, whatever your gameplay style.

    The space station must be extended, crewed by astronauts, and have an adequate supply of goods to enable you to research new technologies.

    The construction methods in Orbit are refreshingly different from the norm, and players are encouraged to experiment and improvise.

    When you upgrade the space station, you will also increase the number of astronauts you need; this is important, as they generate the "expertise" required to activate technologies in the NEXUS. As you will never have enough expertise to exploit all the possible technologies simultaneously, you must set priorities when selecting technologies in the NEXUS.
    Our new realm in the Orbit.

    Besides expertise, each technology needs the corresponding modules that you can incorporate into the space station, and each industrial sector has its own workshops.
    These workshops also need a range of supply modules to operate with maximum efficiency, including solar panels, refrigeration units, greenhouses, and various other modules.

    The individual modules are linked by connectors, and this needs to be done with care as each module generates either heat or cold.
    Because each workshop only operates effectively within a specific temperature range, you should carefully study the position of each module - be patient as you make your first faltering steps into the Orbit until you are familiar with the system and feel you have it under control.
    The first shuttle takes off from the training center where our astronauts carry out their training.

    The technologies are extremely powerful and will open up many new opportunities in the game. In particular, interaction with the stock market and Tundra enable you to build some truly gigantic cities.
    However, your own space station and research aren’t the only things ORBIT has to offer; you can now also pay to reconfigure the features in the orbital sector. Players who emphasize an aesthetic construction style will be delighted to see that trees will now slowly grow back upon request!

    And anyone who’d love to sack Anthony Goodwin, after he issued separate warnings to 120 trading routes following a power outage, will be delighted to know he now performs this task with much greater efficiency.

    All in all, ORBIT is a successful expansion of ANNO 2205 and it was fantastic to take part in this fan test.

    Special thanks to the Blue Byte and UBI teams for allowing me this privilege.

    You can really see that the ANNO 2205 team takes our feedback very seriously.
    The final Skype conference was a good end to two extremely productive and enjoyable test weeks.
    I hope I played a small role in making ORBIT as bug-free as possible by July 20th, and that the community has as much fun playing ORBIT as the tester team has over the last few weeks.

    Originally Posted by Achtarm124
    The Nexus

    The Orbit DLC contains research into diverse technologies.

    All the industries of the Big Five are available here, all of which are familiar to us from the stock market. You can now use your research to activate almost anything to suit your gameplay style and optimize your sectors.
    But you’ll have to work hard initially to unlock each construction kit. You can use this time to explore every icon in the Nexus with the mouse via tooltip, and then implement this information with workshops and modules in the Orbit. Put a little thought into this, and you’ll soon unlock the various elements.

    It's great that you can enter the Orbit very quickly and start researching, so the new achievements are added into the game early on.
    I can’t recommend this superbly designed DLC too highly. It really gives a terrific boost to the long-term motivation of Anno 2205.

    At this point, I’d like to thank all the employees of BB who really went out of their way to allow us to participate in the testing. It was brilliant that so many suggestions from the testers were implemented in the game wherever possible.

    Originally Posted by Annothek
    The Orbit,

    Similar to the previous DLCs, the additional DLC for Anno 2205 is a real treat in terms of graphics, with game technology seamlessly incorporated into the main game; you’re getting something that integrates perfectly with the existing Anno, and doesn’t just feel like an attachment.

    The details have once again been rendered with loving care and attention, and the game endeavors to offer players even more opportunities to find their gameplay style in Anno 2205. Whether you’re building massive structures, beautiful ones, or simply tinkering, Orbit provides the right setting in which you can realize your projects, rebuild the entire structure, and redesign it to suit your new requirements or tactics. The number of research projects is selected so that players cannot have everything but must decide their priorities; sure, research takes time, but Anno was never a game for “speedy” gameplay and is still an experience devised for the long term, and that’s not a bad thing. You can immerse yourself in hundreds of hours of gaming and lose all track of time, and this also applies to the Orbit, so once you’ve researched everything you can tinker around to your heart’s content.

    Is Adam EVE’s counter part?

    In the Orbit itself you can now build your own little world that is essentially only limited by the parameters of the modules. However, to function properly the Orbit will also need help from the other sectors, in the form of astronauts or goods. All this is finished off by how you arrange the modules, because achieving maximum efficiency in the Orbit depends on how successfully you integrate the modules, and it’s worth bearing in mind the module type and temperature here.

    The actual test was as brilliant as ever. BB reacted positively to criticism, suggestions, and ideas rather than just sticking their heads in the sand, and once again, we had great fun, laughed a lot, and everyone got on really well. However, I should mention that we as testers couldn’t possibly cover all the possible gameplay styles, so certain errors may slip through. For this reason, I find it completely absurd that testers are shot down in flames in the forum by some unhappy members!

    So I must thank BB again for the tests, for allowing me to take part, and the cool DLC we were given - way to go! It’s fantastic too that a high zoom and larger stock of rare materials have been incorporated into the game, something the community had been requesting for ages!

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