Halp! I've relied on Ubisoft to give me top-notch co-op play since the original Ghost Recon, when they eerily predicted Russia's invasion of Georgia. But enough of that, straight to the point.

I use Steam and UPlay; primarily because UPlay was required to run FarCry 3. Now, I use it for co-op, where I can seamlessly join LAN games with- I'm getting off track again. I currently run Windows 10. Trying to download and install this game has resulted in failure. First, room was cleared on the hard drive. According to UPlay, I need 15655 MB for the game, and have 154980 MB available. Let's check the digits to see how close I am. Required... 1-2-3-4-5, so... About 16 gigs, give or take, of hard drive space. By the software's own adm- Holy crap. Did I just find the answer to my questions? Why would it read-only the folder, though? It's the native... I might need to restore defaults on download location. Lessee if that works.

Son of a beatnik. So here was my problem: Changed to an alternate drive for installs to try and save space. However, two games later, that drive was filled to the brim. Manually chose what I thought was the previous location, without realizing that everything under program files is automatically locked down as read-only. So because I got the wrong folder, the install was told no room. Defaulting the download location cleared that issue right up. Problem... solved. Can I leave this here in case other people are almost as dumb as me?