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    Unban Request

    Hi, this is pretty much a shot in the dark at this point but I'm trying to get my account unbanned since it was for over a year now. Considering that I was banned for "spamming" the response was a bit of an overkill imo . Here is the info from the original email:

    Greetings Paegan69,
    Due to offensive behaviour detected within The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot or within the Mighty Quest forums/social connections, you have been suspended from the service.
    Type of suspension: Spamming
    Date suspension will be lifted: n/a
    If you have any questions about this decision, please contact us at mightyquest-support@ubisoft.com.
    Sir Painhammer’s Loyal Support Minions
    --“If we can’t fix your problem, we get thrown in the pit!”
    Attempts to contact via email got no response. I could not create a ticket to deal with the issue at the tie because since my account was banned I could not log-in to create said ticket. I even attempted leaving messages on the facebook page with no success. Any info to get this resolved would be appreciated since I had a lot of stuff on my account ...
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    The best thing to do is to recreate an account.

    Because at this point, there aren't any staff anymore on Mighty Quest, since nearly one year.
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    but this account is already tied to my steam account. so you're basically saying this forum section is semi-pointless since there's no MQEL support except from the community? Because if i have to start over from scratch after playing and grinding for over a year to get all the nice goodies and then basically telling me I've lost everything over a minor issue then what's the point?
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    Well, it's like this, unfortunately. There aren't anyone anymore to update the game so your trouble will never be solved.
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    wow ... how is this game still even running with no support staff?
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