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    E3 Winner

    Hi All,

    Just got to say that StEEP is my absolute favourite thing coming out of E3 2016 - it looks fantastic.

    I've been craving something like this since I played 1080 on N64 in the later 90s and wanted something that would let me out into the a big world with friends to make my our tracks. Add in the skiiing, paragliding and wingsuit and OMG.

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    I'd have to agree this definitely won e3 for me. In the developer interview with IGN, they stressed how they wanted to do something fresh and I really think this is it. There isn't anything out there quite like this and i'm very excited to play.
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    Yep, at first I was most hyped for battlefield 1 but then I saw this game and completely forgot about it. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
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