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    Originally Posted by iceninja87 Go to original post
    So I bought this game last week, contacted support, received a new serial number and I still cannot get pass the part where is asks for my key to bind the game to my account, it just never work and my ticket is just collecting dust not Support Ticket: 09634769, this is my ticket number, I would like to be able to play the game I purchased.
    Hey iceninja87, I'm sorry that my response here on the forums comes so late. Looking at your case, I do see that the latest response was on our side, recommending more steps to yourself to resolve this issue. Were you able to resolve your issue with ANNO 2070, and run the game successfully?

    Originally Posted by tabarus Go to original post
    Not in any account is the serial shown :

    Hey tabarus, which edition of the game do you own, and did you make your purchase directly from our own Ubisoft Store?
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    For crying out loud people, locating your Anno 2070 serial number isn't that hard. If you bought it on Steam like I did then all you have to do is right click on Anno 2070 in your Steam library and select view CD key. CD key is another name for serial number for games even if your not using steam. Look for it.
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    Maybe is Ubisoft fixed their broken system, people wouldn't have to go looking for it in the first place - You arrogant oaf.
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