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    best objects for making fender grab obstacles?

    I'm having trouble figuring out which objects make for the most reliable fender grab. I can't decide between cylindrical or sharp angles. I get stuck up on adjusting small details of the object joining the ramp to be "fender grabbed," like size, angle, position and joint shape (as in cylindrical or hard angles).

    I'm mainly wondering which specific objects you prefer to use when making fender grab obstacles, as well as their position relative to the ramp to be fender grabbed.

    edit: also restitution (I know restitution tweaks mainly adjust the way an obstacle is approached (and is based on preference), though I feel like overly relying on restitution to make things hard is a pretty artificial/boring way to increase difficulty...) Anyway, rant over; I'm getting off topic :)
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    Any square edge would do, however planks, small pipes and ledges which give the bike room to rock are best.
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