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    Drama event

    Im starting to learn a lot of tools/events/filters better now. I tried watching the EVO tutorials that Shogun did, but dont see a drama event. What does this do and how can I apply it? I see in its properties that it says grapple or grappling..something like that. Does this do what that level vine rider does where you sing from vines? If not, how would you do that?
    thx. Im still learning every day
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    The drama event was added in a DLC for Trials Evolution, which is probably why there isn't a Shogun tutorial for it.

    The Drama Event can do one of two things. The default is that it will give the Rider a grappling hook, which you can use by pressing RT and swinging around with LS. The grappling hook only works once the rider is off the bike though, so the Drama Event can also bail the rider. I suggest using two Drama Events, one that bails the Rider off and then sends an impulse to the second one which gives them the grappling hook.

    I hope this could help. I'll be happy to explain more if you're still confused.
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    ok I got it.. Thanks pneumatic
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